Clickster - Free Mp3 Downloader...

Providing a real alternative to P2P software like Limewire and Bearshare, Clickster easily finds and downloads mp3 files from the Internet and NOT from other P2P users. Because tracks are downloaded from the Internet and NOT over a P2P network, with Clickster there are no associated poor connection problems and the downloads are normally received at speeds not seen on P2P. With over 25 million mp3 tracks (and growing) for you to search and download, there are no broken/dead links.

Tracks can easily be previewed/played without any need to download the track first. Clickster effortlessly displays the full url of any track, which is useful to users who may want to add it to a playlist, perhaps to embed into a MySpace or other webpage.

Clickster is without rival in providing the most comprehensive listings of mp3 tracks to be found on the Net. And unlike software of a similar nature, Clickster contains NO Spyware, Adware or Malware. There is no 'login' or registration system either. In addition to installing Clickster on your PC, it can be installed or copied onto a Flash Drive and run from there.


Kantaris Media Player...

Kantaris is a new media player based on code from Videolan client (VLC) and Bass audio library. Kantaris has a graphical user interface similar to that of Windows Media Player. Kantaris works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

it can play AVI, MPEG, MGEG-AVC, WMV, MOV, MKV, quicktime, matroska, divx, xvid, H264, MP3, WMA, OGG files and more. Kantaris can also play DVD's and audio cd's. The player also displays some of the most beautiful music visualisations ever seen. All this is completely free.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


Developer Homepage

Natural Face Cleansers - Tips for Beautiful Face...

Natural face cleansers should be your preferred choice because they are indeed the the best natural cleansers. It is needless that natural facial cleansers have no side effects and are gentle on the skin. More importantly, ask your self this question; what did people do when there were no ready made face washes and scrubs available in the market? Did our mothers and grandmothers not have beautiful skin?

Chemical products to clean your face are recent inventions. Natural face cleansers have been used with excellent results for centuries. The famed ancient beauties like Maharani Padmini of Chittor and queen Nefertiti of Egypt also made use of natural skin cleansers and we still talk about there beauty today. So there is no reason why you can't use natural facial cleansers for glowing skin.

Listed below are the 4 best natural face cleansers.

1. Mutani Mitti or Fuller's Earth: Multani mitti is nothing but clay that can used a great natural facial cleanser. Fuller's earth absorbs bacteria and toxins from the skin leaving it fresh. It also stops the loss of moisture from the skin giving it a supple feel. Try this simple facial cleanser, by soaking it in curd for an hour. Then add powdered mint leaves and apply it on your face like a face pack; leave to dry for about 20 minutes. Clean it off using a towel soaked in lukewarm water. Splash your face with cold water to get rid of the leftover face pack. Observe how refreshed and hydrated your skin looks. You can add neem leaves to this face pack to treat pimples.

2. Tomatoes: We all know that tomatoes are sour and therefore acidic. This acidic nature of tomatoes can help cure open pores and remove black heads making it a good natural skin cleanser. If you just cut a piece of tomato and apply it on your face it will extract some of your blackheads. It is as as simple as it can get. Tomatoes are also great for removing sun tan. You have to just mix tomato juice with milk cream, apply it on you face for 10 minutes and wash it off.

3. Curd or Yogurt: Curd again like tomatoes has an acidic property and added to that is the goodness of milk. Curd is a great natural face cleanser due to the exfoliating effect. It dissolves the adhesive that holds the dead skin cells together. Make a face pack of curd, crushed coriander leaves and oatmeal powder and keep it applied on your face for half an hour. You can easily get rid of the dead skin cells on your face using this natural skin cleanser.

4. Orange and Lemon Peels: Due to their citrus content and coarse texture, dried orange and lemon peels can make useful natural face scrubs. All you have to is dry these citrus peels, powder them and store them. Whenever you need a natural face scrub, mix this powder with oats and a little milk. Apart from being a great natural face cleanser, it has antiseptic properties.

Tube Master ++ Open Source Multimedia Capture...

TubeMaster Plus is a best freeware which can download multimedia files (such as FLV, MP3, MP4) from *ALL* YouTube like websites and can save them on your computer. All multimedia files can be converted to other popular video or audio formats (AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4, IPod, PSP).


Great Conversion tool

Captured or loaded by Drag & Drop files can be converted in other multimedia formats thanks to many conversion presets and the great FFMpeg tool.
Examples : AVI,MPEG,MP3,MP4,WAV,WMA,MOV,Ipod,PSP,Blackberry,Neuros,Palm....


TubeMaster++ is an Open Source software (GNU GPL License). That mean you are free to distribute-it, use it the time you want or download source code (SourceForge). You can help me by donating but you must know that the software will not be limited if you don't choose to donate...


TubeMaster++ capture files (MP3,MP4,FLV) you are watching on internet but there is no connexions to the distant server ! The software catch the data from your network interface, so nobody can know you are capturing files !


Network Inventory Expert...

Network Inventory Expert allows you to make up a network inventory without installation the software on user's PCs.

Network Inventory Expert gives you possibility to get quick and full information about operational system, service pack, hotfixes, hardware, installed software and running processes on remote PCs.

Network Inventory Expert is a software that helps you to create a network inventory. You can also create reports about the hardware, installed software, and running processes on the computers in your local network.

The inventory software program will collect the following information about the user workstation in your network:

· operational system type, version and build;

· installed service pack and hotfixes;

· host name, user name and operational system product ID;

· processor type and frequency, from the vendors: Intel, AMD, VIA, Cyrix, Alpha, PowerPC, SiS, Transmeta, National Semiconductor, MIPS, Centaur, UMC, NexGen, WinChip and Rise Technology;

· motherboard BIOS information, serial number and chassis;

· network adapter, IP-addresses and MAC-addresses, DHCP, DNS and WINS settings;
· memory size and memory modules;

· name and type of HDD, CD-ROM, FDD, video card, monitor, multimedia devices;

· total and free size of HDD volumes;

· installed software on remote PCs;

· installed software quantity all over the network;

· all running processes;

· all windows startup programs;