What is Novell Netware?

A local-area network (LAN) operating system developed by Novell Corporation. NetWare is a software product that runs on a variety of different types of LANs, from Ethernets to IBM token-ring networks. It provides users and programmers with a consistent interface that is independent of the actual hardware used to transmit messages.

VOIPCC Training Video - Creating a new campaign

In this video I will show you how to create a standard campaign with questions and script.…

CallCopy intros VoIP call recording solution

CallCopy has introduced CallCopy Essential, the company's new VoIP call recording solution. CallCopy Essential helps small businesses quickly and easily capture and archive inbound and outbound calls. It was developed specifically for small offices to help companies improve customer service, increase productivity and meet compliance regulations. CallCopy Essential comes with a host of features, including a server-based architecture, which is easy to use and administer and doesn't require installation at agents' desks. Recorded calls can be easily saved by administrators as WAV or MP3 files and exported via email, hard disk or FTP. Essential also allows agents and administrators to flag public calls and add personal bookmarks to calls that can be used for training purposes and to help customer service improve response time


VoIP phone service is the newest advancement in telecommunication tools. It uses the customer's broadband computer connection to channel telephone calls. ACN Digital Phone Service utilizes VoIP technology and saves customers money with free calls to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada for a low monthly rate. Each customer has their own phone number, which can be the same one they've already got if they switch to ACN Digital Phone Service.

This cutting-edge service is built on ACN's own state-of-the-art network with features not offered with traditional telephone service, including:

* Video Phone Technology

By adding a Video Phone, customers can enjoy face-to-face communication with close friends and family.

* Family Plan Lines for Video Phones

With Video Phone Family Plan Lines, customers can add up to four relatives or friends to their account for a low monthly cost per line. Those new customers can then call anyone on the ACN network for free.

* Great International Calling Rates

ACN offers three International Calling Plans to save customers even more on the places they call the most. Each plan includes 300 minutes to top calling destinations for that region.

ACN Digital Phone Service is currently available throughout the U.S. and Canada. The launch of Puerto Rico marks an exciting time for ACN representatives as the company begins its expansion into the Latin America market, offering this life-changing technology throughout the country as well as the ability for entrepreneurs there to begin their own ACN home-based business.

"We are happy to welcome Puerto Rico to the ACN family," said Greg Provenzano, ACN President & Co-Founder. "We know that family is important within Latin America. That's why we are offering this revolutionary service, which will forever change the way people communicate."

Customers can sign up or find more information on VoIP and ACN Digital Phone Service with Video Phone by using the web portal, www.myacn.com.

About ACN

Founded in 1993, ACN has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world by providing customers with leading edge services such as digital phone service and video phones as well as providing a better alternative for services they need and use everyday like local and long distance calling, wireless, satellite TV and internet access. ACN operates in 19 countries with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Digital voip training

Vadivelu Comedy - Nesam Puthusu

Winner Comedy

How VoIP / Internet Voice Works

VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is converted to a regular telephone signal before it reaches the destination. VoIP can allow you to make a call directly from a computer, a special VoIP phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter. In addition, wireless "hot spots" in locations such as airports, parks, and cafes allow you to connect to the Internet and may enable you to use VoIP service wirelessly.

IP-Enabled Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some VoIP services may only allow you to call other people using the same service, but others may allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number - including local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. Also, while some VoIP services only work over your computer or a special VoIP phone, other services allow you to use a traditional phone connected to a VoIP adapter.

World's biggest inventions fair features self-making bed

Enrico Berruti poses with his invention, a self-making bed during the 36th International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva. More than 700 exhibitors from 45 countries attend the world's largest exhibition devoted to innovation.

GENEVA — If you are allergic to pollen, too lazy to make your bed or annoyed to learn that the pretty woman in the Web chat is really a man, a solution might be at hand from the world's largest inventions fair.
More than 700 of the world's most creative minds have set up stands at the International Exhibition of Inventions to show off brainchildren ranging from heavy-duty engineering feats to wacky little gadgets like the running alarm clock that will make sure you get out of bed in the morning.
The fair, which runs until Sunday, features 1,000 new inventions of all kinds by companies, independent researchers, universities and just people with a good idea to remedy smelly feet or prevent hotel staff from stealing money out of room safes.
Labor-saving devices for people averse to exercise are a recurring theme at this year's 36th edition.
One notable invention is the self-making bed which spreads the linen at the push of a button. The bed sheet is rolled out by two fasteners moving along metal bars on each side of the bed. Once the sheet is spread over the bed, the two bars are automatically lowered.

Earlier Inventions

Television was first invented in the 1920s.

Can you imagine a world without airplanes? Or without television? In 1899 the commissioner of the U.S. Office of Patents said, "everything that can be invented has been invented." If he had been right, today there would be no television, computers, space shuttles, or popsicles! Everything new or unique that has been made by people is an invention. People have been inventing since the human race began and still continue to invent today. August is National Inventors' Month. Throughout this month people can learn lots more about inventors and all types of inventions!
The Idea
How do people form ideas for inventions? There is an old saying that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." This means that people often see a need for a certain item or process and decide to invent something to fill that need. Inventors need to plan for a long time and have to try many times before they can get their invention to work properly.
For centuries, people had been trying to build a machine that could fly. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright spent many years building balloons and kites before they built the first airplane. Their invention was very special because it was the first flying machine that was heavier than air and could be controlled by the pilot. The first flight took place on December 17, 1903 and lasted 12 seconds. The Wright Brothers’ plane, the Flyer, was an important invention because it marked the beginning of human flight.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Glass negatives from the Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright (reproduction number LC-USZ62-6166A)

The first airplane flight, December 17, 1903.
Not all inventions are planned. Some of the most useful products in the world today were created accidentally. In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered the mold Penicillium notatum. By accident, he had left a sample of bacteria open, and the mold contaminated it. Fleming noticed that the bacteria surrounding the mold had died. He called the new substance penicillin. Several years later, some scientists discovered that they could use penicillin to treat bacterial infections. Fleming’s accidental discovery led to the beginning of the use of antibiotics (a type of medicine to treat infections), which are still an important part of medicine today.
The Patenting Process
When people have designed a new product or process, they want to make sure that no one else can copy it. In order to do this, inventors in the United States can apply for a patent to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A patent grants an inventor exclusive rights to make and sell the invention. This means that no one else can use your new product or process without your permission. If someone wants to use your patented invention, they will have to pay you a permission fee to do so. A patent lasts for up to twenty years. After that, anyone can use your invention without your permission or paying a fee.
In order to apply for a patent, the inventor has to do some research to make sure that the invention is new and unique. After that, the inventor sends an application to the Patent Office explaining the invention in detail. An examiner at the Patent Office will carefully look through the application to make sure that the invention is new and useful. This can take a long time, and it is usually several months before a patent is issued to the inventor. Thousands of patents are issued every year. The very first patent was issued in 1790 to Samuel Hopkins for a new way of making soap!
Amazing Inventions!
We use thousands of inventions everyday. The following are some of the most popular inventions developed recently:
World Wide Web

Millions of people use the World Wide Web (WWW) every day at home, at school, and in the office. Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea for the WWW while working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. While at CERN, Berners-Lee found it difficult to share information with other scientists, and created the Web as a new way to share information. This new graphical system was very easy to use and allowed information to be shared all around the world using the Internet. The World Wide Web was first introduced in 1991, and is the fastest growing part of the Internet today.

A company named Matshusita first introduced Digital Video Disc (DVD) in 1995. It can store more information than a compact disc (CD), and has already begun to replace VHS videotapes. There are two main types of DVD: DVD-Video and DVD-Audio. DVD-Video is the disc that many people are familiar with from watching movies in their homes. DVD-Audio is similar to a music CD. Both types can also be used on a computer and will probably gradually replace CD-ROM. DVD allows a large amount of high-quality information to be stored at little cost.
Cellular Telephones

If you look around, you will see many people having conversations on cellular telephones or cell phones. Cell phones were first introduced in 1947. AT&T and Bell Labs came up with the idea for certain radio frequency areas to be divided into "cells" to allow more phone service. In 1973 the first cell-phone call was made. In 1977 AT&T and Motorola started to build a cellular telephone market. It took many years before cell phones reached the high level of service that exists today. There are now more than 100 million cell phone users in the United States.
Thousands of creative people come up with ideas for new inventions every year. There are so many new and interesting products that each year a famous American magazine votes on its favorite inventions. In 2002, the "phone tooth" was chosen as a favorite. This is a tiny device placed in a person’s tooth so that they can receive telephone calls in secret. The device converts information into vibrations that travel from the tooth to the ear. Only the person with the "phone tooth" can hear the information! What will be the next exciting invention? Only time can tell!

Sony's SDR-4X robot

Japan's latest inventions get jiggy with it
TOKYO — Japan's top technology companies have been cooking up some weird and wonderful things — robots that sing and dance, toilets that check your blood sugar and a computer mouse that sees beneath your skin. Who knows if anybody will buy this stuff? But Japanese companies have a reputation for cool tech. Among their latest inventions:

Sony has a home entertainment robot called SDR-4X. This two-legged creature can sing and dance, its 38 body joints giving it the flexibility to boogie. The robot also can be programmed to recognize and respond to 10 faces with personalized greetings. Sony is still tinkering but says it will be able to track its interactions with different people and change its behavior to match, based on previous exchanges. If you've been nice to SDR-FX, for instance, it will greet you warmly. If you've abused it, it might respond with sadness.
SDR-4X, almost 2 feet tall, can haul. On a flat surface, it covers 55 feet a minute. On irregular surfaces, 16 feet a minute. Sony hopes eventually to sell SDR-4X as an entertainment device. But Sony hasn't figured out how to price it or where to sell it.
Matsushita is displaying a house of the future at its Panasonic showroom in Tokyo, filled with innovative gadgets.
A special recycling unit automatically separates trash. A "clothing server" helps you pick outfits that match for special occasions and even dusts pollen off your jacket if you have allergies. A special washing machine can analyze your laundry, automatically adjusting the cycle for the dirtiness of your clothes.
The "Healthy Toilet" analyzes your excrement to measure your blood sugar and body fat and sends worrisome results to your doctor via the Internet. The "3D Ergo Bed" makes sure you get a comfortable sleep if you drift off while sitting up watching a movie. The bed detects when you fall asleep and automatically reclines.
Fujitsu has come up with what it calls the "world's first eco-friendly notebook computer."
Using starch from corn, potatoes and other plants, Fujitsu developed a biodegradable plastic that encases the new laptop. If the computer winds up in a landfill, microorganisms break down the plastic into carbon dioxide and water. The biodegradable plastic is eco-responsible in other ways, too. It doesn't emit dioxins or other harmful chemicals if incinerated.
Manufacturing the special plastic requires half as much energy as conventional plastics, making the production process more environmentally friendly, Fujitsu boasts. Plus, the biodegradable plastic is just as strong as the plastic used in regular laptop computers. But Fujitsu spokesman Scott Ikeda cautions: "Don't leave it out in your yard too long."
Also from Fujitsu is a computer mouse that can verify your identity by recognizing the pattern of veins in your hand.
The identification process works like this: An infrared light on the mouse lights up your palm. Your skin emits a black reflection, producing a picture of the veins in your palm. The souped-up mouse recognizes a pattern from this picture and checks it against other patterns stored in the system.
Fujitsu says it tested 700 people with 100% accuracy and figures it can achieve an error rate of 0.5% or less. The veins in your palm are useful for verification because everyone's are unique, and they don't change as you get older.
Fujitsu reckons the technology involved will be useful for identifying computer users before letting them log on; approving e-commerce transactions; authorizing access to restricted rooms; and checking attendance at online classes, seminars or meetings.

What is ITIL?

ITIL Definition
stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework of best practice approaches intended to facilitate the delivery of high quality information technology (IT) services.
ITIL outlines an extensive set of management procedures that are intended to support businesses in achieving both high financial quality and value in IT operations.
These procedures are supplier-independent and have been developed to provide guidance across the breadth of IT infrastructure, development, and operations.
ITIL is published in a series of books (hence the term Library), each of which covers a core area within IT Management. The names ITIL and IT Infrastructure Library are Registered Trade Marks of the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce (OGC).
Importantly ITIL is also recognised as an international standard, namely ISO IEC 20000.

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What is C++?
Released in 1985, C++ is an object-oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ maintains almost all aspects of the C language, while simplifying memory management and adding several features - including a new datatype known as a class (you will learn more about these later) - to allow object-oriented programming. C++ maintains the features of C which allowed for low-level memory access but also gives the programmer new tools to simplify memory management.
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UPSC Exam Question and Answers

General Knowledge
INFO Tips & Tricks

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Eighteen years have gone by since the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The victims of the biggest industrial accident are yet to receive succour. “The Bhopal Gas Tragedy “ has been lost in the collective consciousness of the nation. Yes, life has to go on - we must light candles and offer prayers for the victims of September, 11 2001 - but do spare a thought for those who lost their lives in their devotion to duty.
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The Taj Mahal: Pollution and Tourism

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Pollution is turning the Taj Mahal yellow, despite efforts by the Indian government to control air contamination around the poignant 17th century monument and keep it shimmering white, a parliamentary committee has said.
In a report to parliament this week, the standing committee on transport, tourism and culture said airborne particles were being deposited on the monument's white marble, giving it a yellow tinge.
The monument, in the northern city of Agra about four hours drive south of the capital, was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Authorities have made various attempts in the past to keep the area around the Taj Mahal pollution free, including setting up an air pollution monitoring station in Agra.
But the committee said that while air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide gases were generally within permissible limits, "suspended particulate matter" had been recorded at high levels except during the rainy season.
It suggested a clay pack treatment that is non-corrosive and non-abrasive be carried out to remove deposits on the marble. "The committee recommends that while undertaking any conservation activity at the Taj Mahal, abundant cautions should be taken to retain the original glory of the shimmering white marble used in this."
Attracting around 20,000 visitors every day, the monument was completed in 1648 after 17 years of construction by 20,000 workers.
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Effects of Soft Drink Consumption on Nutrition and Health

Effects of Soft Drink Consumption on Nutrition and Health:
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Lenny R. Vartanian, PhD, Marlene B. Schwartz, PhD, and

Kelly D. Brownell, PhD they displace other foods and beverages
and, hence, nutrients; whether they contribute to
diseases such as obesity and diabetes; and
whether soft drink marketing practices represent
commercial exploitation of children.3–5
The industry trade association in the
United States (the American Beverage Association,
formerly the National Soft Drink Association)
counters nutrition concerns with several
key points: (1) the science linking soft
drink consumption to negative health outcomes
is flawed or insufficient, (2) soft drinks
are a good source of hydration, (3) soft drink
sales in schools help education by providing
needed funding, (4) physical activity is more
important than food intake, and (5) it is unfair
to “pick on” soft drinks because there are
many causes of obesity and there are no
“good” or “bad” foods. Similar positions have
been taken by other trade associations such
as the British Soft Drinks Association and the
Australian Beverages Council.
Legislative and legal discussions focusing
on soft drink sales often take place on political
and philosophical grounds with scant attention
to existing science. Our objectives were to
review the available science, examine studies
that involved the use of a variety of methods,
and address whether soft drink consumption
is associated with increased energy intake, increased
body weight, displacement of nutrients,
and increased risk of chronic diseases.
We focused on research investigating the
effects of sugar-sweetened beverages; diet
and artificially sweetened beverages are
noted only in certain cases for comparison
purposes. We conducted a computer search
through MEDLINE and PsycINFO using the
key terms “soft drink,” “soda,” and “sweetened
beverage.” We identified articles that assessed
the association of soft drink consumption with
4 primary outcomes (energy intake, body
weight, milk intake, and calcium intake) and
2 secondary outcomes (nutrition and health).
We identified additional articles by searching
each article’s reference section and the Web
of Science database. Finally, we contacted the
authors of each included article with a request
for unpublished or in-press work, and
we asked each author to forward our request
to other researchers who might have relevant
work. Our searches yielded a total of 88
articles that were included in the present
There is a great deal of variability in research
methods in this literature. Studies
vary in their design (i.e., cross-sectional, longitudinal,
or experimental studies), sample
characteristics (e.g., male vs female, adults vs
children), and operational definitions of independent
and dependent variables. Because
such heterogeneity of research methods is
likely to produce heterogeneity of effect sizes
across studies (an effect size represents the
magnitude of the relationship between 2 variables),
we took 2 steps to assess the impact
of research method on outcome.
Initially, for each primary outcome (energy
intake, body weight, milk intake, and calcium
intake), we assessed the degree of heterogeneity
of effect sizes by testing the significance
of the Q statistic, which is the sum of the
squared deviations of each effect size from
the overall weighted mean effect size. We did
not assess the degree of heterogeneity for
Soft drink consumption has become a highly
visible and controversial public health and
public policy issue. Soft drinks are viewed by
many as a major contributor to obesity and
related health problems and have consequently
been targeted as a means to help curtail
the rising prevalence of obesity, particularly
among children. Soft drinks have been
banned from schools in Britain and France,
and in the United States, school systems as
large as those in Los Angeles, Philadelphia,
and Miami have banned or severely limited
soft drink sales. Many US states have considered
statewide bans or limits on soft drink
sales in schools, with California passing
such legislation in 2005. A key question is
whether actions taken to decrease soft drink
consumption are warranted given the available
science and whether decreasing population
consumption of soft drinks would benefit
public health.
The issue is not new. In 1942 the American
Medical Association mentioned soft
drinks specifically in a strong recommendation
to limit intake of added sugar.1 At that
time, annual US production of carbonated
soft drinks was 90 8-oz (240-mL) servings
per person; by 2000 this number had risen
to more than 600 servings.2 In the intervening
years, controversy arose over several fundamental
concerns: whether these beverages
lead to energy overconsumption; whether


Ban on smoking in public place. The people comsme cigerte in public place. This habit follow thirteen or fifteen yearsthat this habit came from forign country.most of the forigncountrystates climates is tottaly coolsnow the peoplediscover the consuming cigerte,it spreads the whole weorldand once its mingle the human lifeandthen foolow the en numper peoplealso affect be the comsume cigertte.recently the Indian government banned smoking in public only its our research topic also particularly the contact madras city only then its me doctrine research
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Credit Card Awarness

ICICI Bank uses and keeps upgrading technology to enhance the security of your account, your funds and your personal information. At the same time, various types of frauds are known to have been perpetrated the world over. While you may not have fallen prey to any of them, thankfully, it's our responsibility to make you aware of them so that you are alert of how to protect your money.
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India is Exploring the Moon

The MoonIndia launched its first unmanned spacecraft to explore the Moon on October 22, 2008.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) calls the Moon flight project Chandrayan Pratham, which has been translated as First Journey to the Moon or Moonshot One in ancient Sanskrit.

The 1,157-lb. Chandrayan-1 was launched on a two-tyear mission on one of India's own Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) space rockets from the Sriharikota Space Center in southern India.

The spacecraft circled Earth in a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) from where it flew on out into a polar orbit of the Moon some 60 miles above the lunar surface.

The Chandrayan mission will send back to Earth high-resolution 3-D images of the moon's surface including the shadowy polar regions. It is searching for evidence of water or ice. It also will try to identify the chemical breakdown of some lunar rocks.

Chandrayan-1 carries X-ray and gamma-ray spectrometers sending data to scientists on Earth for use in a high-resolution digital map of the lunar surface. Its remote-sensing instruments are sensitive to visible light, near-infrared light, and low-energy and high-energy X-rays.
Shar Space Launch Center on Sriharikota Island off India's east coast state of Andhra Pradesh is used by ISRO to launch spacecraft on PSLV and other rockets.Chandrayaan-1 has payloads from the United States and European countries Germany, Britain, Sweden and Bulgaria. India plans to share its Moon data with NASA and other space agencies.

The European Space Agency (ESA) provided three science instruments for Chandrayan-1. They are identical to those already in orbit around the Moon on ESA's Smart 1 spacecraft, which is surveying chemical elements on the lunar surface.

The Indian lunar satellite also houses a U.S. radar instrument designed to locate water ice.

Previously, India has launched weather and communication satellites to Earth orbit.

Why send a probe to the Moon? While the South Asian nation has the second largest population on Earth, it is not a rich country with millions of uneducated and even homeless residents.

Like all other nations sending machines and people to space, India considers funding of its space program to be a matter of prestige. In making the announcement in 2003, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said a Moon flight would showcase India's scientific capabilities.

A former science minster in the Indian government, physicist M.G.K. Menon told news media then that Chandrayan-1 would "excite the younger generation." Menon also said the Moon flight would have the effect of "enormously increasing the confidence of the nation.

" ISRO said Chandrayan-1 is the first mission in "India's foray into a planetary exploration era in the coming decades." Chandrayan-1 will be the "forerunner of more ambitious planetary missions in the years to come, including landing robots on the Moon and visits by Indian spacecraft to other planets in the Solar System."

Other nations have probed the Moon. The former Soviet Union and the United States conducted the earliest lunar exploration in the late 1950s and the 1960s. Soviet spacecraft were the first to fly by, then land on, and finally orbit the moon. The U.S. Apollo flights were the first manned missions to reach the moon, culminating with six missions that set down on the surface.

Much more recently, India's Asian neighbors, China and Japan, sent spacecraft to orbit the Moon in 2007.

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

Southern Railway:Fare

NT Bureau Chennai, Nov 30:
Southern Railway has released its new timetable, with effect from 1 December which will be in force upto 30 June, 2007.
According to a Southern Railway press release, the new timetable will be available for sale at all leading book shops at major railway stations from today. It is priced at Rs 25.
The details available at the timetable include the second phase of speeding up of trains (as many as 242 trains are being speeded up out of which 42 trains on Southern Railway).
New trains announced in the budget 2006 and introduced, trains announced in the budget and yet to be introduced, extension of trains, extension of trains after gauge conversion, increase in frequency of trains, augmentation of trains, gauge conversion works are listed out in the new timetable.
Speeding up and conversion as super fast express trains, change in train arrival/ departure information has also been given in the new timetable.

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New to Tivoli

What is Tivoli?
IBM Tivoli® software provides intelligent infrastructure management solutions that help customers understand and proactively manage the business value of their IT systems in an on demand world. Tivoli software goes beyond the individual components of customer systems to provide integrated views for managing and optimizing critical IT systems with policy-based resource allocation, security, storage and systems management solutions.
Tivoli software leverages open systems and automation technologies to enable on demand computing with quality, scalable and reliable systems management solutions.


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Location: New Delhi
KLG Systel Ltd.
Specialisation: Computer Aided Design & Engineering (CAD/CAE), Project Management, Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing Execution Systems, Business to Business Internet Solutions, Manufacturing and Automation System, Consulting - Development and Education
Website: www.klgsystel.com
Location: New Delhi
KCC Software Ltd
Specialisation: Software Development, Internet & E-Commerce, I T Trainning, On-stie services
Website: www.kcc-india.com
Email: kccsw@nda.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Logicsoft International Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Database Management Solutions, Enterprise Computing Solutions, Internet and Intranet, Multimedia and Realtime Presentation Systems.
Website: www.logic-soft.net
Email: info@logic-soft.net
Location: New Delhi
Lotus Development International Corporation
Specialisation: Messaging, Knowledge management, frameworks, Desktop Productivity, Lotus e-suite family of Java-based business productivity solutions
Website: www.lotus.com
Email: birenjit_sachar@lotus.com
Location: New Delhi
Microwave Communications Ltd
Specialisation: Call centre, Content development/Animation
Email: mdeepak@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Max India Ltd (IT Services)
Specialisation: Off-shore/onsite software development, e-biz infrastructure, IT enabled services - MT
Website: www.maxindia.com
Email: rpatil@maxindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Magic Software Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: CD-Rom Titles, Web Publishing, Multimedia Content Production, Software Solutions
Website: www.magicsw.com
Email: mail@magicsw.com
Location: New Delhi
Minerva Telelink Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Remote Data Processing
Website: www.minervatelelink.com
Email: ajaybhartia@minervaholding.com
Location: New Delhi
Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Business software, Internet technologies, Operating systems and servers, Consulting and education services
Website: www.microsoft.com
Email: indinfod@microsoft.com
Location: New Delhi
ML Infomap Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Development of GIS and Remote Sensing applications, Digital Map Products for India, Satellite Image Analysis and map data conversion, Internet technologies for mapping
Website: www.mlinfomap.com
Email: post@mlinfomap.com
Location: New Delhi
Momentum India Private Limited
Specialisation: Internet / E-commerce, Web enabling of applications, Linux applications, Software system integration
Website: www.momentumindia.com
Email: pankaj@momentumindia.com
Location: New Delhi
MTC (India) Private Limited
Specialisation: Custom Software Development (offshore / onsite), E-Business Solutions, Internet Technologies, Onsite Consulting, Environmental Software Products, Medical Transcription & e-Procurement
Website: www.mtcindia.com
Email: skahuja@mcindia.com
Location: Noida
Mindmill Software Ltd
Specialisation: Web enabled client-server application, communication software , signature entry in CE & Palmtop application
Website: www.mindmillsoftware.com
Email: suchin.gupta@mindmillsoftware.com
Location: New Delhi
Marble Infotech Ltd.
Specialisation: ERP Solutions, Visual Software development, CRM, e-commerce
Website: www.bhushan-group.com
Email: bssl@bhushan-group.com
Location: New Delhi
Tele Atlas India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: GIS (Digital Mapping), Navigation, Software Development
Website: www.teleatlas.com
Email: Phillippe.Funcken@Teleatlas.com
Location: Noida
TGK (India) Limited
Specialisation: Software Development (In Oracle), ERP Consultancy, E-commerce Solutions, Education (Oracle)
Email: tgk@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Tata Consultancy Services
Specialisation: Financial services - banking, insurance, securities, Manufacturing industries and retail, Telecommunications, Transport and government
Website: www.tcs.com
Email: ram@mumbai.tcs.co.in
Location: New Delhi
TCIL Bellsouth Ltd.
Specialisation: Telecom Operation Support Systems, Network planning for Telecom Network, Customised Software products and Implementation Services
Website: www.tbladm.com
Email: tbl@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi

Techspan India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Web Enabled Enterprise Applications (WEEA), Telecom Network Management Systems (TNMS), Solutions (Customer Relationship Management)
Website: www.techspan.com
Email: harsh.lohit@india.techspan.com
Location: Noida

Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd.
Specialisation: Telecom Administration Software, Hospital Administration, Networking, Y2K Solution, Internet Service Provider
Website: www.tcil-india.com
Email: vkumar@tcil-india.com
Location: New Delhi
Three S Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: Engineering Services (R&D), Implementation of CPC, Remote legacy Data Migration, Offshore Transaction Processing
Website: www.threeonline.com
Email: nasscom@threesonline.com
Location: New Delhi
Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Specialisation: Call Centre, Internat/ Intranet based Solutions, Customer care & Billing, Messaging &work flow solutions
Website: www.teckinfo.com
Email: nalin@teckinfo.com
Location: New Delhi
Trisoft System Pvt. Ltd
Specialisation: E- Commerce, WAP, CRM, Multimedia
Website: www.trisoft.net
Email: hemants@trisoft.net
Location: New Delhi
Usha Martin Infotech Ltd
Specialisation: Software solutions provider, E-business, Telecom OSS products, Software products
Website: www.umitl.com
Email: arun.kapur@umitl.com
Location: Gurgaon
UEC Sail Information Technology limited
Specialisation: ERP solutions for Sted, Metals and other process industries, Customization and implementation of ORACLE and BAAN ERP, Off-shore development, E-commerce, Inter net, Intranet and Others Web based applications
Website: www.usit.co.in
Email: brath@usit.co.in
Location: New Delhi

Unitech Software Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: Software development, Training & development, Resource fulfilment, applucation service provider
Website: www.unissl.com
Email: info@unissl.com
Location: New Delhi
Vintron Informatics Limited
Specialisation: Software Product Development, Datawarehousing/ Datamining, Web Technologies/ Intenet , Intranet
Website: www.crystalsoftus.com
Email: crystalinfosys@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi

Velocient Technologies Ltd.
Specialisation: n Technology - Microsoft, Oracle & IBM, In Business - ERP, E-commerce, Telecom, Insurance, Professional Services, Conversion & Migration Services
Website: www.velocient.com
Email: anuj.gupta@uk.velocient.com
Location: New Delhi
vCustomer Services India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Customer service, Technical service
Website: www.vcustomer.com
Email: affiliations@vcustomergroup.com
Location: New Delhi
Venire IT Ltd
Specialisation: Application Development and Maintenance, E-business Application Software and Solutions
Website: www.venire-it.com
Email: cks@venire.com
Location: Gurgaon
vtPlex (India) Pvt Ltd.
Specialisation: e-CRM (Convergent), Back-office processing, Automated transaction processing
Website: www.vtplex.com
Email: prabir@vtplex.com
Location: New Delhi
Wind River Company
Specialisation: Real Time Operating System (RTOS), Control design software, Networking software products related to RTOS, Consulting and engineering services related to RTOS
Website: www.isi.com
Location: New Delhi
Whitestar Software Ltd
Specialisation: Software development/solutions, Web solutions, ASP, Internet Technologies
Email: care@bharatnet.com
Location: New Delhi
Xerox Modicorp Ltd.
Specialisation: Business Process Re-engineering, SAP Implementation, Year 2000 Solutions, Workflow Management, Web based applications, Printing Systems Software
Website: www.xerox.com
Email: hbala.modi@intl.rx.xerox.com
Location: Gurgaon
Xansa (India) Ltd
Specialisation: Turnkey, Fixed price Software Solutions, OnSite Consulting, Offshore Software development, Euro, Year 2000 Solutions and Services, Software Product marketing and Support, IT Education and Training
Website: www.iisinc.com
Email: saurabh@iis.stpn.soft.net
Location: Noida
Sparesindia.com Ltd
Specialisation: Web enabling services, supply chain management, customer relationship
Website: www.sparesindia.com
Email: atul@sparesindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Shyama Software Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Web centric & extranet solutions, E-commerce application, GIS database & application development, Multimedia based content development
Website: www.shyamasoft.com
Email: binod@shyamasoft.com
Location: New Delhi

Sapphire Callnet Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: IT trainning, Call centre consulting, trainning & manpower provider, IT enabled services provider,
Website: www.callnetindia.com
Email: mahendra_saxena@hotmail.com
Location: New Delhi
Spectramind eServices Private Limited
Specialisation: I.T. Enabled Services, Internet-based/Web enabled Services, Remote Office Processing Services, Transaction Processing and fulfilment
Website: www.spectramind.com
Email: raman.roy@spectramind.com
Location: New Delhi
Software Technology Group International Ltd
Specialisation: IT Training, off-shore services, software development
Website: www.stgintl.com
Email: snanda@stgintl.com
Location: New Delhi
Sampatti.com Limited
Specialisation: Property & Real Estate
Website: www.sampatti.com
Email: info@sampatti.com
Location: New Delhi
Software Horizon India Ltd.
Specialisation: Portal Development, E- Commerce, IT Consultant
Website: www.indiagoodmorning.com
Email: diwakar@usa.com
Location: New Delhi

SDRC India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: CAD / CAM / CAE, PDM - Product Data Management, Reverse engineering, Quality Testing and Inspection, Consultancy & Services
Website: www.sdrc.com
Location: Gurgaon
Selectronic Equipment Services Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Medical transcription, Data Processing
Website: www.selectronicmt.com
Email: veers@del2.vsnl.net.in
Location: Gurgoan
Softek Limited
Specialisation: Application Re-engineering using client server technology, Product development and support, Custom Application Development, Maintenance support and porting, On-Site Services
Website: www.softeklimited.com
Email: softekdc@giasdl101.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Solutions Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: eBusiness,eMarkets, Technology Audits & course corrections
Website: www.siworldwide.com
Email: anil@siworldwide.com
Location: New Delhi
Summit Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Newspaper & Publishing Industry, Indian Languages, Font Digitization, e-Commerce Solutions
Website: www.summitindia.com
Email: rkapoor@summitindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Supertech Software & Hardware Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Commercial Software Development, Web-site designing & hosting (Also available in Hindi), Multimedia CD-ROM development (Educational & Commercial) Offshore Software Development, Y2K Solutions, Euro Currency Conversion, Development of HTML based Software
Website: www.smart-schools.com
Email: anjalir@ndf.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Systems America (India) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Implementation, Staff Augmentation, Outsourcing, Consultancy
Website: www.systemsamerica.com
Email: saindia@systemsindia.com
Location: New Delhi

Systems Management & Information Technology Academy (SMITA)
Specialisation: Web page design, development and maintenance, Interactive multimedia presentation, Corporate training
Email: sswarup@mantraonline.com
Location: New Delhi
Santa Cruz Operations, Incorporations
Specialisation: Systems software, Networking operating system, Web enabling & integration, Internet, e-business, e-commerce platform
Website: www.sco.com
Email: raja@sco.com
Location: New Delhi
Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.
Specialisation: Call Centers, Channel & Distribution support, DirectMarketing, Web & Internet support, Customer Acquisition support
Website: www.solutions-intg.com
Email: srikant@solutions-intg.com
Location: New Delhi

S M Telesys Ltd
Specialisation: Computerising cable network, GIS, Computerised paging, Project feasibility
Website: www.smesltd.com
Email: smes@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Integrated strategies, Creatives, technology, Experience Modelling
Website: www.sapient.com
Email: agovil@sapient.com
Location: New Delhi

Sar Softech Private Ltd
Specialisation: Software development, IT Enabled Services (GIS/CAD), E-commerce, Internet, Datawarehousing, Data Processing
Website: www.sarsoftech.com
Email: sarsoft@sarsoftech.com
Location: New Delhi

SignalTree Solutions (India) Ltd
Specialisation: Consultancy services in Quality Management, Turnkey Offshore development projects & maintenance of large legacy systems, R&D for Client-server enviroments
Website: www.signaltreesolutions.com
Email: ds.madan@psinets.com
Location: Noida
Software Moguls (India) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Software development, Distant Learning Online, Website development & Management, Logistic Solutions
Website: www.smipl.com
Email: sandeep@smipl.com
Location: Noida
Second Foundation Inc.
Specialisation: Systems Integration, Consultancy, Software Solutions
Website: www.secf.com
Email: ssingh@secf.com
Location: New Delhi
Solitar Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: e-CRM, e-learning, e-commerce, e-business applications
Website: www.solitarysystems.com
Email: a.kumar@solitarysystems.com
Location: Gurgaon
Samtech Infonet Ltd
Specialisation: E-commerce, Data centre services, Network services, Systems Integration
Website: www.samtechinfonet.com
Email: sepl@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Satya Infosoft Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: E-business solutions, Web solutions, M-commerce business solutions, IT Consulting & Training
Website: www.sispl.com
Email: yogendra@sispl.com
Location: New Delhi

Software TEchnology Parks of India
Specialisation: High Speed Data Communication, Infrastructure for Software Development
Website: www.stpi.soft.net
Email: manas@stpi.soft.net
Location: New Delhi
National Institute of Fashion Technology
Specialisation: Training; Consultancy; Product Development
Website: www.niftindia.com
Email: lvsaptharishi@hotmail.com
Location: New Delhi
NCL Infotech Private Ltd.
Specialisation: Onsite/ Off Shore Services, Consultancy, Data Processing, Turnkey Projects, Packaged Software
Website: www.nclsoft.com
Email: ravi.challu@nclsoft.com
Location: New Delhi
NetVantage International Ltd
Specialisation: e-commerce, m-commerce, e-procurement/supply chain management, Broadband Networking services
Website: www.e-netvantage.com
Email: info@e-netvantage.com
Location: New Delhi

NIIT Limited
Specialisation: Software Service - Engineering, Re-engineering, Consulting and Offshore Development Centers, Systems Integration, IT Training, Educational Multimedia
Website: www.niit.com
Email: niit.webmaster@niit.com
Location: New Delhi
Nokia Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: GSM Equipment, Cellular Handsets, Telecom Equipment, Services
Website: www.nokia.com
Email: sannamari.riekkinen@ntc.nokia.com
Location: New Delhi
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
Specialisation: Solutions & Services for the Banking & Financial Services Segment, Software Development & Maintenance based on the offshore model, Web based workflow & transaction processing applications, End-to-end solution for lending businesses
Website: www.nucleussoftware.com
Email: vishnu@nuleussoftware.com
Location: New Delhi
NextBrick Solutions Ltd.
Specialisation: Consultancy and Projects, Systems Integration, Internet Professional Services, IT enabled services
Website: www.nextbrick.net
Email: Avanthi .shah@hytex.net
Location: New Delhi
N Y Dox Services Ltd
Specialisation: IT Enabled services, Medical transcription
Website: www.nydoxservices.com
Email: info@bom.nandn.com
Location: New Delhi
Netaquila Solutions Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Microsoft ASP, Visual Inter-Development, Macromedia Design Studio, Java,JSP, Adobe Range of Desigh Products
Website: www.netaquila.com
Email: anup@netaquila.com
Location: New Delhi
Net4India Ltd
Specialisation: eBusiness solutions, Intranets, Extranets, eCommerce, eBusiness Strategy, eBusiness Design, eBusiness Development, eBusiness Promotion
Website: www.net4india.com
Email: info@net4india.com
Location: New Delhi
Omega Net India (P) Ltd
Specialisation: AS/4000 Software services, Java & E-commerce Solutions, Partners in ERP retail implementation
Email: omeganet@vsnl.net
Location: New Delhi
ONICRA Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd
Specialisation: Individual Credit Rating
Email: onicra@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Open Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Networking Solutions, E- Commerce and Web related activities
Website: www.opentechindia.com
Email: gdhillon@opentech.stpn.soft.net
Location: Noida
Oracle Software India Ltd.
Specialisation: RDBMS, Enterprise Resource Planning Software/ Enterprise Application Development Tools, Datawarehousing, E-commerce, E-Governance
Website: www.oracle-india.com
Email: dsanyal@.in.oracle.com
Location: New Delhi
Oyster Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Specialisation: IT Consultancy & Application Development, Consultancy in the domains of Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & E-governance
Website: www.oystersol.com
Email: gopal.sarma@oyster.com
Location: New Delhi

Pasco Info-Tech
Specialisation: Back office operations, Call centres
Email: pautoend@vsnl.net.in
Location: Gurgaon
Paharpur Business Centre
Specialisation: Instant Hi-Tech Office Facilities, State-of-the-art telecommunication facilities, Allied Services - Tours & Travel / Workface / F & B / Recruitment & Training
Website: www.pbcnet.com
Email: meattle@pbcnet.com
Location: New Delhi
Parsec Technologies (India) Ltd.
Specialisation: Call Center Solutions, OffShore Call Center Services, Consultation, Voice Mail, Prepaid Calling Card Solutions and Mars CT Server
Website: www.parsec.co.in
Email: prabhat.a@parsec.co.in
Location: Gurgaon
Polar Software Ltd.
Specialisation: ERP, Datawarehousing / Datamining, E-commerce, Software consulting
Website: www.polarinc.com
Email: sns@psl.polanic.com
Location: Noida
PG Softech Ltd.
Specialisation: High-end career training, On-site services, IBM E-business Authorised training, E-business solutions
Website: www.pgsoftech.com
Email: contact@pgsoftech.com
Location: New Delhi
Planet PCI Infotech Ltd
Specialisation: Customised Software Development, Maintenance and Modifications to existing programs, Conversion of applications involving changes of OS, Language, RDBMS, Data Entry and OCR
Website: www.primegroupindia.com
Email: rashmi@prime-pci.com
Location: Gurgaon
Pipal Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Software Development Services, Internet / Web enablement; Re-engineering / Porting Services ; Resource Provisioning Services
Website: www.pipalsoftware.com
Email: pipal@pipalsoftware.com
Location: New Delhi

Powersolv India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Web enabling solutions, CRM, RDBMS, Re- Engineering, Middleware application
Website: www.powersolv-inc.com
Email: ytripathi@powersolvindia.com
Location: Gurgaon

Prologic First India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Client-server development, Packaged software for hotels, clubs and restaurants, Intranet and Internet based transaction processing, Internet, E-commerce
Email: amlan@prologicfirst.com
Location: New Delhi
Neptune Information Solutions Ltd.
Specialisation: Client Server based business applications on Oracle, Groupware Solutions on Notes Domino, Architecture independent environment on uniface, E-commerce applications on Java and Domino
Website: www.nisl.com
Email: rgarg@nisl.com
Location: Gurgaon
NetAcross Communications Ltd.
Specialisation: eBusiness solutions, Intranets – for improving business efficiencies, Extranets – for enhancing business relationships and eCommerce – for increasing business competitiveness, eBusiness Strategy, eBusiness Design, eBusiness Development, eBusiness Promoti
Website: www.netacross.com
Email: mmodi@netacross.com
Location: New Delhi
Newgen Software Technologies Limited
Specialisation: Software Development Projects - Offshore or Onsite, Software Product Development in the arrea of Document Management, Imaging, COLD, Workflow and Web-based business automation solutions in Telecom, Banking and Finance Sectors, Manpower & Outsourcing Serv
Website: www.newgensoft.com
Email: newgen@newgensoft.com
Location: New Delhi
QAI (India) Ltd.
Specialisation: Software Process Improvement, SEI CMM / ISO 9000 Implementation, Testing, Quality Assurance
Website: www.qaiindia.com
Email: mohnot@qaiindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Quadrant Infotech (India) Private Ltd
Specialisation: Data entry of text and numeric data (accuracy>99.995%), Data entry from images and handwritten forms, Rapid turn around keying projects (12-24 hours), Offshore email processing
Website: www.quadrantindia.com
Email: brij@quadrantindia.com
Location: Gurgaon
Quantum Information Systems Ltd
Specialisation: High end Internet based education
Website: www.quantum.edu
Email: information@quantrum.edu
Location: New Delhi
RICO Softech Ltd
Specialisation: CAD/CAM/CAE, Projects, services & training, software development, product development, consultancy services
Website: www.ricosoftech.com
Email: rakeshkapur@ricoauto.com
Location: Gurgaon
Ramtech Corporation Limited
Specialisation: Software Development, Consultancy and sale of packaged software
Website: www.ramtech-corp.com
Location: New Delhi
Radix Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Micro ERP- For small and medium enterprises, Euro conversion, Overseas projects for web development and client-server application development
Website: www.radix-infotech.com
Email: sirohi@mail.com
Location: New Delhi
Reservation Data Maintenance (India) Pvt. ltd.
Specialisation: Travel Related Services, On-line data processing, Offshore and onsite software development, OOPS, Web technologies, Client-server computing
Website: www.rdmindia.com
Email: ankur.bhatia@thebirdgroup.com
Location: New Delhi
R Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Onsite Services, Consultancy, Packaged Software, Off shore services, Systems Integration, Turnkey Projects
Location: Noida
Rebus Software Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Areas of Knowledge Transition Management, Applications Management, Applications Development, Production Support, IT Consultancy, eBusiness Consultancy and CRM strategy, planning and implementation. Specialised skills in AS400 and Java/EJB platforms
Website: www.rebusgroup.com
Email: rebus@vsnl.com
Location: Gurgaon
River Run Software Group
Specialisation: Mobile Computing (Remote wireless connectivity to enterprise on Handheld PCs and Laptops), Telecommunications (Embedded systems for telecom testing, Customer care systems, Wireless Local Loop and Computer telephony integration), Network management, Commu
Website: www.riverrun.com
Email: ranjit.singh@riverrun.com
Location: Noida
Specialisation: Geographic Information Systems, Map / Drawing data conversion, GIS software applications, Natural hazard risk engineering
Website: www.rmsinet.com
Email: rmsi@riskinc.com
Location: Noida
Pan Business Lists Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Data collection, Data Management Services
Website: www.panbusiness.net
Email: pbl@del6.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Net Consult India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Content Generation, Specialised sites, News, Views, Analysis for Portals, Web Solutions
Website: www.netconsultindia.com
Email: rkalra@naradonline.com
Location: New Delhi
ABO Software Private Limited
Specialisation: B2B Products, Electronic Data Interchange, XML, Object Oriented Programming, C++, Telecommunication
Website: www.abosoftware.com
Email: ajay@abosoftware.com
Location: New Delhi
Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Web and Desktop Publishing Software
Website: www.adobe.com
Email: nsmanyan@adobe.com
Location: Noida
Adroit Computer Technique Pvt Ltd.
Specialisation: Application Software Development and Turnkey Consultancy, Transaction Oriented Web-Based Solutions, ERP solution for SME - Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing Organisations, Business Process RE -Engineering and Feasibility Studies
Website: www.adroitindia.com
Email: sandeept@adroitindia.com
Location: New Delhi

ABN AMRO Asia Corporate Finance (I) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: M & A, Restructuring, ADR/GDR/ECM products- IPO, Advisory
Website: www.abnabro.com
Email: frank.hancock@ap.abnamro.com
Location: New Delhi
Alcatel India Ltd.
Specialisation: End-to-end Network Management, Next Generation IN services
Website: www.alcatel.com
Email: Subhash.Bana@alcatel.fr
Location: Gurgaon
Alnisha Software Limited
Specialisation: Consultancy, Projects, Products
Website: www.alnisha.com
Email: alnishasoft@hotmail.com
Location: New Delhi
American Express (India) Ltd
Specialisation: Data Management and Information Analysis & Control
Website: www.americanexpress.com
Email: Sanjay.2.Gupta@aexp.com
Location: New Delhi
Ampersand Info-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Client-server programming, Systems programming under Unix/NT, Internet computing, Library / Online services, SAP computing, Document management
Website: www.aitpl.com
Email: info@aitpl.stpn.soft.net
Location: New Delhi
AmSoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: New Media, Web Technologies & Open Systems, Embedded Systems & Signal Processing, AEI & Expert Systems
Website: www.amsoftindia.com
Email: pankaj.sethi@amsoft.net
Location: New Delhi
AMSYS Infotech Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Client-server application, e-commerce, Banking & Financial
Website: www.amsysinfotech.com
Email: kulbir@amsysinfotech.com
Location: Noida
AN-NET Infotech Limited
Specialisation: E-Commerce Services, Net-enabled Services, Embedded Software, System Re-engineering
Website: www.an-netinfotech.com
Email: ashokmalhotra@an-netinfotech.com
Location: New Delhi
Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd.
Specialisation: Real Estate Development, Management of Clubs, Development of Infrastructure for IT parks, Development of Hospitality Industry
Website: www.ansalhousingltd.com
Email: dansal@del3.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
AVL India Software Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Client-server/business App, Internet based application, realtime systems/embedded, software re-engineering
Website: www.avlindsoft.com
Email: Shantanu.Dash@avl.com
Location: Gurgaon
A P Technosis Ltd
Specialisation: Software development (Java, VB, ASP), Offshore services, Consultancy
Website: www.aptechnosis.com
Email: aptechltd@vsnl.net
Location: Noida
Astral Tele*Foundation Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Telecommunications Billing and Customer Care System, Call Centre Applications, Web-Based Applications, Operation Research Solutions
Website: www.astraltel.com
Email: astral@del2.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Arthur Andersen India Private Limited
Specialisation: Business Consulting, Assurance and Business Advisory, Corporate Finance, Tax, Regulatory and Business Advisory
Website: www.arthurandersen.com
Email: ammet.parikh@in.arthurandersen.com
Location: New Delhi
ALSTOM Systems Limited
Specialisation: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for Power and Industrial Processes, Terminal Automation System for Oil / Gas sector, Product development for Real Time application
Website: www.alstom.com
Email: cegelec@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
Location: Noida
Annik Systems Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Offshore software development, web based applications, VB, ASP, SQL Server, Microsoft Technologies, COM+, .NET, OLAP, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Advanced Reporting solutions
Website: www.anniksystems.com
Email: rahul@anniksystems.com
Location: New Delhi
Autumn Leaf Technologies (P) Ltd
Specialisation: Website Development, E-commerce application
Website: www.oksh.com
Email: info@autleaf.com
Location: New Delhi
Aithent Technologies Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Packaged Software, Turnkey Projects, Healthcare Industry, Finance sector
Email: svadhera@ssind.stpn.soft.net
Location: New Delhi
An Internet Architect (India) Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Reverse auction, internet enabled business, e-commerce application, travel management
Website: www.razorfinish.com
Email: harpreet@razorfinish.com
Location: New Delhi
ASL Technologies Ltd.
Specialisation: Interner & e-commerce, WAP for mcommerce, Database management, Client-server, Technical Support, Networking
Website: www.asltechnologies.com
Email: mktg@asltechnologies.com
Location: New Delhi
Atari Informatics Ltd.
Specialisation: IT Education & Training, HR Services (Consultancy), IT Enabled services & Training (MT & Call centre), Web designing & development
Website: www.atarimto.com
Email: ho@atarimto.com
Location: New Delhi
All e Technologies
Specialisation: CRM, Entreprise Information systems, Internet Business Solutions
Website: www.alletec.com
Email: amian@alletec.com
Location: Noida
Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Business Accounting
Website: www.busyinfotech.com
Email: dinesh@busyinfotech.com
Location: New Delhi
Bhilwara Infotech Limited
Specialisation: Offshore, Onsite Software Development, Consultancy, Internet, E-Commerce, CRM, Call Centre, IT Enabled Services
Website: www.bhilwarainfo.com
Email: contact@bhilwarainfo.com
Location: Noida
Binary Semantics Limited
Specialisation: Turnkey Software Solutions and Consulting Services, Offshore Software Services, Onsite Consulting Services, Knowledge Databases and Scientific Research Software, Manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Software Distribution
Website: www.bslindia.com
Email: mbpandey@bslindia.com
Location: Gurgaon
Birlasoft Limited
Specialisation: Client Server-based applications,Y2K Projects, EC/EDI Products & Services, Software Maintenance Services
Website: www.birlasoft.com
Email: atanu.banerji@india.birlasoft.com
Location: Noida
BT (Worldwide) Ltd.
Specialisation: Global Data Transmission, Managed Data Services, Global Call Centre Communication Services
Website: www.bt.com
Email: setha@india.btap.bt.com
Location: New Delhi
BPB Publications
Specialisation: Computer books, CD ROMs and Software
Website: www.bpbpub.com
Email: bpb@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Bunka Orient India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Development and distribution of Active X components, Consulting Services on Microsoft technologies for Internet and Intranet solutions, Marketing, Support and Implementation of Vertical Market Solutions, Support and training on Microsoft Developer platfor
Website: www.boi.co.in
Email: info@boi.co.in/banerjeej@boi.co.in
Location: New Delhi
Bharti Telesoft Ltd.
Specialisation: Onsite/Offshore services, IT Enabled Services, Internet & E- Commerce,Networking, Telecom
Website: www.bhartitelesoft.com
Email: swarup@bhartitelesoft.com
Location: New Delhi

BTN Infotech India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: IT Events, Software outsourcing
Website: www.gate4india.com
Email: delhi@india2korea.com
Location: New Delhi
Brainswave Technologies Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Customised Software Development, Software Products for hospitals, blood banks, Web Based Portals, On-site & Off shore software Consulting
Website: www.brainswave.com
Email: sjbhalla@brainwave.com
Location: Pune
Bersoft Infotech Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Client Server / MS 98/ Windows, Manufacturing-Inventry Control, Education-School Monitary System, Field Force Monitering System
Website: www.bersoftinfotech.com
Email: contact@bersoftinfotech.com
Location: Haryana
Baypackets Technologies Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Telecommunication Software & Solutions, Internet, Software Product Development
Website: www.baypackets.com
Email: sanjeev.chawla@baypackets.com
Location: New Delhi
CyberQ Consulting Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Quality assurance consultancy, CMM facilitation, software metrics consultancy, ISO 9001 facilitation
Website: www.cyberqindia.com
Email: cyberg@ndf.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Consulting Engineering Services (I) Ltd
Specialisation: GIS & CAD based studies, MIS solutions, Web-based solutions, Customised software development
Website: www.cesinter.com
Email: cesstp@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
CLC Technologies Ltd
Specialisation: Software for Apparel Industry, IT Enabled Services, Offshore customise using SQL server/access &crystal as tools
Email: info@clctechnologies.com
Location: New Delhi
Core Solucomm Ltd
Specialisation: Develop software & technology for Call centre, develop CRM packages for call centre,
Email: sgoel@coresolucomm.com
Location: New Delhi
Cadence Design Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: EDA Tools, EDA Consulting Services
Website: www.cadence.com
Email: Jassi@Cadence.com
Location: Noida
Canon India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Embedded software for printers, scanners and other office equipments, Document management software, Device drivers, Image processing
Website: www.canon-asia.com
Email: Hemant@sdc.canon-in.com
Location: New Delhi
CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Complete spatial software solutions based on GIS for vertical industries like Telecom (Basic & Cellular), Retail & Distribution, Police etc., Digitising services for digital maps at 1:50,000/25,000/1,000 scales being topo sheets, Satellite imageries and
Website: www.mappls.com
Email: ceinfo@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Centre for Development of Telematics
Specialisation: Telecom software development, Unix and Real Time operating systems, Software engineering tools
Website: www.cdot.com
Email: site@cdotd.ernet.in
Location: New Delhi
Churchill India (P) Limited
Specialisation: Application Development and Maintenance, Systems Integration, Conversion and Migration, Specialised and Customised IT solutions, Management of Very Large Data Bases, Performance Tuning, Hardware Sizing & Configuration
Website: amit@churchill.co.uk
Email: amit.gupta@churchill.com
Location: New Delhi
Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Networking Equipment for Internet
Website: www.cisco.com
Email: manojc@cisco.com
Location: New Delhi
CMC Limited
Specialisation: Hardware maintenance equipment supply & Environmental Engineering, Applications in Ports & Cargo Automation, Insurance, Imaging & SCADA , Banking, Stock Exchanges & Fingerprint Automation, Education & Training and Computer Networking Services
Website: www.cmcltd.com
Email: sudhirs@corp.cmc.net.in
Location: New Delhi

Computer Clinic India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: School Education & Training, Maintenance provider, Marketing Computer Solutions, Onsite Services
Website: www.cciplindia.com
Email: ccipl@del2.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Crescent Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: MRP - Manufacturing solutions, Software development and consultancy, Database management, Distribution and support of client-server related services
Email: psdelhi.crecent@axcess.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Cresco Technology (P) Ltd.
Specialisation: Internet Solutions, Multimedia Solutions, General Applications
Website: www.crescotec.com
Email: manisha@crescotec.com
Location: New Delhi
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consulting India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Package Enabled Re-engineering (SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards), IT Strategy and Program Management, Shared Services (Management, Process & Operations), Business Strategy
Website: www.capgemini.com
Email: Salil.Parekh@IN.CGEYC.COM
Location: New Delhi
Cosmic Infotech Solutions
Specialisation: On site Consulting, Off- Shore Development, Web-Enabled Technologies, E- commerce, M- Commerce/ Telecommunications
Website: www.citiesindia.com
Email: info@citesindia.com/vivek@citesindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Limited
Specialisation: Embedded S/W & RT System, Network Management System, CTI, Hospital Management System
Website: www.cofuture.com
Email: rajiv.shah@cofuture.com
Location: New Delhi
Care & Cure International Ltd
Specialisation: Portal development, software development & solutions, E-commerce, Printing & publishing
Website: www.carecure.com
Email: care@carecure.com
Location: New Delhi
CybizCall (International) Ltd
Specialisation: Consultancy Finance, IT Enabled, Software
Email: samchopra@cybizcall.com
Location: New Delhi
Cellnext Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: Wireless applications for wireless enabling businesses on SMS, WAP and GPRS, IP-creation in the Middleware space, wireless applications design & development, system integration & networking solutions, Wireless ASP services
Website: www.cellnext.com
Email: atanu.mandal@cellnext.com
Location: New Delhi
Crossword Software Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Telecom operational support systems application, Customer care - applications - call centre - CRM, Software Services, professional Services
Website: www.crosswordsoftware.com
Email: kumar_dasgupta@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi

Cogito Technologies Ltd
Specialisation: Software Development, Product Development, Customised e-Commerce Solutions, Multimedia Educational Software & Automation Software Solutions for Manufacturing, Fashion Industry & Advertising & Education
Website: www.cogitotech.com
Email: contact@cogitotech.com
Location: New Delhi
Convergys India Services Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Contact Centre Services, Billing & Customer Care Software & Services
Website: www.convergys.com
Email: ghumman@vsnl.com
Location: Gurgaon
DCM Technologies Limited
Specialisation: ASIC Design and Verification, Wireless Technologies, Web Technologies, Embedded Software
Website: www.dcmtech.com
Email: hbr!dcmtech.com
Location: New Delhi
DCM Datasystems Ltd.
Specialisation: VLSI Design, Communications Software, System Software, Web Applications
Website: www.dcmds.com
Email: delhi.dcmds@axcess.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Delsoft India Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: E.D.A., Chip Design / ASIC Design,Web Content Development, DVT
Website: www.delsoft.com
Email: sanjay@delsoft.com
Location: Noida
Damco Advanced Technologies
Specialisation: AS/400 Solutions - Development and Maintenance, Client Server Applications, E-commerce, Web Design & Internet Applications, Euro Conversions, Year 2000 Impact Analysis, Conversion & Testing, Training AS/400 and E-commerce.
Website: www.damcogroup.com
Email: info@damcogroup.com
Location: New Delhi

Differential Technologies Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Web enabled Services, Dot Com incubation Services, Web based corporate solution
Website: www.worldofdt.com
Email: naveen@worldofdt.com
Location: Gurgaon
Daksh.com eServices Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Outsourced email helhdesk services, eCRM consulting & Solutions, outsourced chat helhdesk services, knowledge management
Website: www.daksh.com
Email: sanjeev.aggarwal@daksh.com
Location: Gurgaon
Divas Offshore Software Technologies (P) Ltd
Specialisation: Financial Software Services, Embedded Systems, Telecom Solutions, Entreprise Integration
Website: www.divassoftware.com
Email: divas@divassoftware.com
Location: New Delhi
Excel Infotech Ltd
Specialisation: Software Development, E-Commerce, Medical Transcription, ISP
Website: www.eiitindia.com
Email: gsmaheshwari@usa.net
Location: New Delhi
Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Application and systems programming, RBDMS Application Development, Building Websites, Microsoft Windows Programming, Multimedia Application Development, Engineering Drawings
Website: www.eclipseindia.com
Email: eclipse@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
Educomp Datamatics (P) Ltd.
Specialisation: Client Server, Java, Enterprise Management Software
Website: www.edumatics.com
Email: sp@edumatics.com
Location: New Delhi

ESPL Systems Private Ltd.
Specialisation: Expertise on Unix, R & D on Microprocessor based packaging machines, Engineering and Manufacturing
Email: cmd@eelindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Euro Info Systems Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: ERP / EBS, Oracle and D2K
Website: www.euroinfo.sys.com
Email: asapra@euroinfosys.com
Location: Noida
Escosoft Technologies Limited
Specialisation: ERP Implementation, Enterprise Management Solutions, E-Commerce, IT Enabled Services
Website: www.escosoft-tech.com
Email: admehta@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
eFunds International Private Limited
Specialisation: Banking, IT Enabled Services
Website: www.idlx.com
Email: pradeep.saxena@in.idlx.com
Location: Gurgaon
Elcom India eCommerce Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: eProcurement, eMarket places, eprocurement services provider
Website: www.in.elcom.com
Email: info.india@elcom.com
Location: New Delhi
e Three R Info Systems Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Call/contact centre, back office operations, call centre training, manpower resourcing
Website: www.e3r.net
Email: rps3006@hotmail.com
Location: New Delhi
E-Serve Technologies Ltd
Specialisation: Call centre -Inbound & outbound, Accounting services, Transaction processing, HR Services
Website: www.eserveglobal.com
Email: vineet.nayyar@hpsglobal.com
Location: Noida
eSamsung UMIT Infotech Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Software Development and Systems Integration & Consulting for Embedded & Telecom Software, DataComm Protocols, B2B/B2C Exchange, Groupware & Workflow, Enterprise Relationship Mgmt, Enterprise Application Integration & ERP
Website: www.esamsungumit.com
Email: sidharth@esamsung.com
Location: Gurgaon
e-enable Technologies Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Groupware Solutions (Lotus notes Domino, CRP Solutions, AS/400 (Training), Authorized Training on IBM & Lotus Products
Website: www.safewayindia.com
Email: info@safewayindia.com
Location: New Delhi
Eastern Software Systems Ltd.
Specialisation: Application Software Products like ERP, Hospital Management, Distribution
Website: www.essindia.com
Email: ashisht@ecomenable.com
Location: New Delhi
Fateh Computer Services Limited
Specialisation: Web based application development / E-commerce, ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications), Porting Projects (Client Server Architecture), System Programming (DLL / Data transfer)
Website: www.fcsltd.com
Email: helpdesk@fcsltd.com
Location: Noida, UP
Freemarkets Services (P) Ltd
Specialisation: Develop & maintain software applications, Research & knowledge management, Develop software solutions
Website: www.freemarkets.com
Email: rsarin@freemarkets.com
Location: Gurgaon
Gate2Biz Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: B2B e-commerce, e-procurement, e-marketplaces, catalogue management
Website: www.gate2biz.com
Email: suresh.nanda@commerceone.com
Location: New Delhi
Global Infosystems Ltd
Specialisation: IT Consultancy, IT cources, Internet services, Customised projects
Website: wwwglobalinfosys.org
Email: gloinfo@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
GE Capital Services India
Specialisation: Back Office Operations, Call Centre, Data Processing, Revenue Accounting, CBT/WBT Content Development
Website: www.ge.com
Email: gecis.helpline@geind.ge.com
Location: Gurgaon
Global Information Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Systems Integration, Turnkey Business Automation, User Interfaces, Networking Consultancy
Email: gistdel@ndb.vsnl.net.in
Location: New Delhi
Geine Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: eCRM, Portal development, Website designing & developing, e-commerce
Website: www.geinetech.com
Email: geinetech@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi
M/s. Zen & Art Of Client Server Computing Inc,
email: india@zenart.com
website: www.zenart.com
M/s. IT Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi - 8
email: itsoft@del3.vsnl.net.in
M/s. Eastern Software Systems Ltd.,
New Delhi-20
email: ess.delhi@sm5.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net.in

M/s. Telepost India Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi-19
email: amital@tesent.com
Manager (HR),
Telecompetance India,
Z-24, Hauz Khaz,
email: neposind@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
Group Manager,
Resource Management Group,
M/s. NIIT Limited,
New Delhi - 110 019
email: niitrmg@niitdel1.niit.co.in

M/s. IT Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi - 8
email: itsoft@del3.vsnl.net.in
M/s. Eastern Software Systems Ltd.,
New Delhi-20
email: ess.delhi@sm5.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net.in
M/s. Telepost India Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi-19
email: amital@tesent.com
RSI Inc,
email: ragbir@nde.vsnl.net.in
Iris Software Pvt. Ltd.,
B-1/43, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi-16
email: wysiwyg@irissoftware.com
www.irissoftware.com ( online resume )
Benary Semantic Ltd.,
New Delhi
email: resume@icibsl.com
IIS Infotech Ltd.,
email: careers@iis.stpn.soft.net
Transtech Infomatic Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
New Delhi
email: vgrover@trans.tech.com
( oracle appln based projects funcl exp)
( For Noida -.....
rmg@bhi.stpn.soft.net ( Noida)

Global Groupware Solutions Pvt Ltd
Specialisation: Customer Relation Management, Workflow Applications
Website: www.globalgroupware.com
Email: sk@chipsoftgroup.com
Location: New Delhi
Globalsoft Pvt. Ltd.
Specialisation: Broadcasting Software, Advanced Transactions based web poratls, onsite consulting, Embedded Systems/software
Website: www.globalsoft-online.com
Email: globalsoft@vsnl.com
Location: New Delhi

Hiperworld Cybertech Ltd
Specialisation: E Commerce-Netbased, WAP, SMS, Application Service Provider, B2B, MarketPlace, SCM, DCM, CRM, Payment gateway
Website: www.hiperworld.com
Email: as@hiperworld.com
Location: New Delhi
HCL Perot Systems Ltd.
Specialisation: Investment Banking, Telecom, Energy, Migration, E-Services, Object Development
Website: www.hclperot.com
Email: cp.gurnani@hpsglobal.com
Location: Noida
HCL Technologies Limited
Specialisation: Client Server, Imaging, Workflow & ERP, Mainframe, Legacy Systems and AS 400 based solutions, Telecom, Networking, Netcentric software & E-Commerce, Embedded Systems, DSP, ASIC Cores & System Software
Website: www.hcltech.com
Email: sunayna@hclcomnet.co.in
Location: Noida

HOPE Technologies Ltd.
Specialisation: CAD, CAM / CAE, GIS, Web enabled electronic cataloging
Website: www.hopeindia.com
Email: amit.duttagupta@hope-consulting.com
Location: New Delhi

Hero Corporate Services Ltd.
Specialisation: ERP Implementation, IT Enabled Services, CRM, Back-Office Processing
Website: www.herogroup.com
Email: skmhnjal@herogroup.com
Location: New Delhi
Houston Technologies Ltd
Specialisation: Systems Integration, IT Enabled services, Internet 7 E-Commerce, Off-shore Services
Website: www.houstontechnologies.com
Email: bahuja@housontechnologies.com
Location: New Delhi
HCL Infosystems
Specialisation: Application development/maintenance, Technical help-desk services, SAP implementation/ABAP programming, Infrastructure services
Website: www.hclinfosystems.com
Email: akcd@hclinsys.com
Location: Noida
Hughes Software Sustems
Specialisation: Protocol stacks - telecom and data communication, Internet and Electronic Commerce offerings, Network Management and Mediation Device Systems, Intelligent Networks & Switching Solutions
Website: www.hssworld.com
Email: info@hss.hns.com
Location: Gurgaon
/s. Windows Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
Delhi-110 092
email: wintotal@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in

M/s. PM Consultants,
B-5/520, Ekta Gardens,
9, I.P. Extension,
New Delhi-92
email: pradipmn@nda.vsnl.net.in

M/s. Synergy Consultants,
4/20, Ansal Tower, 38, Nehru Place,
New Delhi-19
email: synergyindia@vsnl.com
Goodwill Management Consultants
New Delhi
email: gmc@del3.vsnl.net.in

Douglas & Moore Management Group,
New Delhi
email: douglas.moore@aworld.net
SSJ Solutions,
email: ssj@del3.vsnl.net.in

The Head Hunters(India)
New Delhi
email; headhunter.del@rmb.sprintrpg.ems.vsnl.net.in

Chandresh Dhebar(Managing Director)
Career Catalyst,
307, Technology Apartment,
New Delhi-92

email: dhebar@del2.vsnl.net.in

M/s. Windows Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
Delhi-110 092
email: wintotal@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in

M/s. PM Consultants,
B-5/520, Ekta Gardens,
9, I.P. Extension,
New Delhi-92
email: pradipmn@nda.vsnl.net.in

M/s. Synergy Consultants,
4/20, Ansal Tower, 38, Nehru Place,
New Delhi-19
email: synergyindia@vsnl.com

M/s 5M Solutions
New Delhi
email: fivem@nda.vsnl.net.in