VoIP phone service is the newest advancement in telecommunication tools. It uses the customer's broadband computer connection to channel telephone calls. ACN Digital Phone Service utilizes VoIP technology and saves customers money with free calls to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada for a low monthly rate. Each customer has their own phone number, which can be the same one they've already got if they switch to ACN Digital Phone Service.

This cutting-edge service is built on ACN's own state-of-the-art network with features not offered with traditional telephone service, including:

* Video Phone Technology

By adding a Video Phone, customers can enjoy face-to-face communication with close friends and family.

* Family Plan Lines for Video Phones

With Video Phone Family Plan Lines, customers can add up to four relatives or friends to their account for a low monthly cost per line. Those new customers can then call anyone on the ACN network for free.

* Great International Calling Rates

ACN offers three International Calling Plans to save customers even more on the places they call the most. Each plan includes 300 minutes to top calling destinations for that region.

ACN Digital Phone Service is currently available throughout the U.S. and Canada. The launch of Puerto Rico marks an exciting time for ACN representatives as the company begins its expansion into the Latin America market, offering this life-changing technology throughout the country as well as the ability for entrepreneurs there to begin their own ACN home-based business.

"We are happy to welcome Puerto Rico to the ACN family," said Greg Provenzano, ACN President & Co-Founder. "We know that family is important within Latin America. That's why we are offering this revolutionary service, which will forever change the way people communicate."

Customers can sign up or find more information on VoIP and ACN Digital Phone Service with Video Phone by using the web portal,

About ACN

Founded in 1993, ACN has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world by providing customers with leading edge services such as digital phone service and video phones as well as providing a better alternative for services they need and use everyday like local and long distance calling, wireless, satellite TV and internet access. ACN operates in 19 countries with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.