Burn at Once - First Freeware CD/DVD Authoring Tool...

Burnatonce can master data and audio discs, read/write image files, and copy on-the-fly. It's drag-and-drop interface has multi-language support and is fully compatible with XP themes. Multisession and bootable disc mastering is supported as well as long filename support using Joliet, Long Joliet, and Rockridge. Extra long filename support is provided with the ISO9660:1999 and UDF filesystems.

Audio discs can be compiled from WAV, MP3, MP2, OGG, and FLAC files as standard while support for other audio formats can be added optionally. CD-Text can be written from the built-in editor, imported from freedb, read from media tags, or extracted from filenames. Pauses between tracks can also be set as silence, pregap, or postgap of varying lengths.

Download Link : Click Here

3D Box Shot Maker

3D Box Shot Maker is an easy and FREE tool to virtually design quality box shot as your software box cover. It is important to present a professional boxshot to attract your potential customers to take a closer look at your products. An impressive box shot will make your software outstanding, and easily defeat your competitors at the start.

3D Box Shot Maker accepts a front image and a side image as input, and generate the final image on the fly. It can also include a shadow and a reflection in your box shot. It will show the preview image instantly as you adjust the size and other parameters.

Three steps to get your own boxshot:
1. Set the side(left) and the Front(right) images.
2. Adjust the boxshot size, shadow and reflection.
3. Save the generated boxshot image out as image file. It supports 4 image format: BMP, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Present your software box cover with 3D Box Shot Maker, the ultimate solution, electronically!

Download : Click Here

Mv2 Player - Freeware Multimedia Player...

Mv2 player is a freeware multimedia player for Windows, with tons of usefull features. VERY good. We think it's even better than Bsplayer !


Lots of multimedia, skins and subtitles formats supported
MicroDVD scripts (MVD) compatible, External subtitles and audio tracks
Adjustable offset of audio tracks (include CBR internal audio in avi)
Autodetect language of subtitles, Color controls, OSD menu, Text to speech support (for subtitles), Drag & drop support,
Pan & scan / zoom / aspect ratio, Loop & repeat modes, Change play speed,
Dual subtitles, Adjustable offset of subtitles, Chapters & bookmarks support,
Playlist and catalog, Shutdown, Customizable shortcuts

Download Link : http://mv2.czweb.org/download.php?lang=eng

CPU-Z Gathers information on some of the main devices of your system...

CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.


* Name and number.
* Core stepping and process.
* Package.
* Core voltage.
* Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
* Supported instructions sets.
* Cache information.


* Vendor, model and revision.
* BIOS model and date.
* Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.
* Graphic interface.


* Frequency and timings.
* Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table.


* Windows and DirectX version.

More Information and Downloads : http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

ConTEXT - Freeware Text Editor, Desktop Version...

Fast and Powerful development Tool

ConTEXT is a small, fast and powerful freeware text editor, developed to serve as a secondary tool for software developers.


# unlimited open files
# unlimited editing file size, 4kB line length
# project workspaces support
# unicode UTF8 support
# code templates
# customizable help files for each file type
# file explorer with favorites list
# file compare
# export to HTML/RTF
# conversion DOS->UNIX->Macintosh file formats
# editing position remembering across files

Download Page : http://www.contexteditor.org/downloads/

Massive Jet - AI-driven animation available to all animation and visual effects professionals.

Massive Jet is designed with a streamlined and easy to use workflow to make AI-driven animation available to all animation and visual effects professionals. Using agents from Massive's Ready-to-Run Library™ or those created in Massive Prime™ you can fill a stadium, get thousands of digital actors to walk over a hill, or create a huge battle set in medieval times.


Body Editor

The Body Editor provides the workflow to build and customize skeletons, geometry, cloth, and materials. It enables the automated variation of agent proportions (skeleton) and appearance (geometry, shaders, and texture maps).

Scene Editor

The Scene Editor provides the workflow to control and direct cameras, terrain and agents. Tools are provided for both general and specific control and direction of agents. Crowds in a stadium can easily be made to clap and cheer at the right time with the general agent controls. You can also control the parameters of individual agent placement and behavior.

Natural Senses

Massive is based on artificial life technology. Massive characters use a patented vision process, and a sense of hearing and touch that allows them to respond naturally to their environment.

More Features and Details :

WavTrim - WAV File Cleaner Software...

WavTrim is an automatic WAV file cleaner.
WavTrim is useful:

  1. When you extract a track from an Audio-CD (CD ripping).
  2. Before making MP3s (MP3 encoding).
  3. Before making Audio-CDs (CD burning).

WavTrim is easy to use. Just select the file(s) you want to clean, and WavTrim does its magic in a few seconds. See WavTrim's history (below) for more details.
WavTrim is free! Download it here.

WavTrim was originally created to help extract audio tracks from CDs.
Audio-CD song extraction is not very accurate (you easily get a little bit of the end of the previous track, or of the beginning of the next track). It is possible to trim each track by hand (using a regular WAV editor software), but that's tedious. So WavTrim first purpose was to scan and clean WAV files, removing silence and any leftover of another track.

WavTrim grew up as a multi-purpose WAV cleaner:

  1. Volume normalization (i.e. changing the volume to use complete 16-bits dynamic - that can help to get tracks from different sources sound similar)
  2. Batch mode (process several WAV files at once)
  3. and more... Just try it!
Download : Click Here

sShutdown (Skinned Shutdown)

Shedko sShutdown (Skinned Shutdown)

Much of you probably up to horror were bothered with boring icons at shutdowning a computer.

I even hear as there are objections - in modern styles of Windows for WindowsBlins same all custimisable, yes custimisable, but in this case you are completely adhered to an idea of the author which given style has created, but much would like to make it independently.
And here the program which we also is useful present - sShutDown (Skinned Shutdown).
It allows to completely redraw the TurnOFF dialog of a Windows, and also has some features which pleasantly distinguish from standard opportunities Windows.

- Interception at Windows a call of function of shutdown, i.e. in any case and in any program will be show our turnoff dialog
- Support skins (dialog and buttons are drawn by you)
- Allow use any picture as background (defined in skin)
- Apply of various effects to a background
- Use 3d-party applications as replacement of shutdown dialog.
- Absolutely safe to use - no need to pacth system files, application is simply hook displaying of Turn Off dialog.
- PNG for themes, with full support of transparence.
- may work in full screen (defined in skin)

Download Link : http://sites.google.com/site/shedko/sshutdown

More Information : http://eng.softq.org/sshutdown.htm

Ant Movie Catalog - manage your collection of Movies

Ant Movie Catalog is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program made to manage your collection of movies on DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX, ...) and tapes.

Browse the links above this text to get more information and download the program.

If you use GNU/Linux rather than Windows, you can try to use WinE to get this program running; some people notified me that this was working. You can also check Moviefly, which is a complete rewrite of Ant Movie Catalog made with Python.


  • User interface translated in about thirty languages: English (default), Bielorussian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (latin and cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
  • Can store catalog in two file format: its own binary format or XML
  • Import information from Internet (using scripts); by default it includes scripts for IMDB (US), DVDFR (FR), Allocin√© (FR), Culturalia (ES), and lots of others
  • User-customizable links to do a search on movie websites
  • Information importation from various media files (audio & video codec, bitrates, resolution, framerate, size)
  • Scripting technology, using Object Pascal language, allowing to modify catalog: Find & replace, moving field values, ...
  • Printing, using customizable templates
Download and More Details : http://www.antp.be/software/moviecatalog/download

AC3Filter - High Quality Free audio Decoder...

AC3Filter is a high quality free audio decoder and processor filter. It allows media players to playback movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks. Also it can process any audio track, much of processing options allows to adjust the sound in almost any way. It is possible to upmix any audio source to 6 channels. Filter can do multi-channel and digital (SPDIF) output. It can encode any audio source to AC3 on-the-fly and send it over SPDIF to the receiver.


  • Watch movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks
  • Listen multi-channel (AC3/DTS) AudioCD
  • Playback WAV files with AC3/DTS content, ripped from multi-channel AudioCD without any conversion of these files.
  • Playback raw .AC3 and DTS files (with help of AC3File filter)


  • Up-mix any audio track (even plain stereo) up to 6 channels
  • Down-mix any audio track to any number of channels (to match your speaker configuration)
  • If you have an external Dolby ProLogic decoder, you may use ProLogic down-mix to help DPL decoder to extract surround information
  • Watch movies under poor hearing conditions (noisy environment, weak speakers, ...)
  • Decrease dynamic range to watch movies at night
  • Apply time shift to the audio track to synchronize audio with video.
  • Adjust gain of every input/output channel independently to compensate loudness differences
  • Adjust time delays for every channel to compensate different distances to loudspeakers.
Download and Details : http://ac3filter.net/projects/ac3filter

Opti Drive Control - Testing Optical Drives and Media...

Opti Drive Control is a program for testing optical drives and media.

Key features

* Support for CD, DVD and BD drives/media
* Read / write transfer rate
* Create test disc / verify function
* Detailed drive information
* Detailed disc information
* Disc quality tests: BLER, PI/PO, C1/C2, Jitter (*)
* Erase / format
* Overburning
* Multi-test
* Enhanced save functions
* CSV export of graphs

Download and Details : http://www.cdspeed2000.com/download.html