Mv2 Player - Freeware Multimedia Player...

Mv2 player is a freeware multimedia player for Windows, with tons of usefull features. VERY good. We think it's even better than Bsplayer !


Lots of multimedia, skins and subtitles formats supported
MicroDVD scripts (MVD) compatible, External subtitles and audio tracks
Adjustable offset of audio tracks (include CBR internal audio in avi)
Autodetect language of subtitles, Color controls, OSD menu, Text to speech support (for subtitles), Drag & drop support,
Pan & scan / zoom / aspect ratio, Loop & repeat modes, Change play speed,
Dual subtitles, Adjustable offset of subtitles, Chapters & bookmarks support,
Playlist and catalog, Shutdown, Customizable shortcuts

Download Link :


Anonymous said...

I selected the AVI file, then under advanced:

Constant Output Quality
Highest Quality
Split Setting / DVD Capacity: 8500MB
Enable DVD Chapter (150)

And yet when it outputs the total file size is only about 4.5GB. Why is it not the size of a DL dvd?