1. Hydration: Always carry a pet bottle of water, preferably lukewarm. Have 2-3 sips/gulps of water after every 10 minutes. Do this throughout the day.
2. Steam Inhalation: Inhale plain steam twice daily, preferably once at the beginning of the day and once before going to bed.
3. Take a small break/gap after every__2___ minutes of speaking continuously.
4. Practice breathing deeply before starting any conversation.
5. Can practice Pranayam for effective breathing.

1. Do not clear your throat. Instead swallow or drink some water to clear your throat.
2. Do not talk in whispers.
3. Avoid excessive talking throughout the day.
4. Do not talk for more than ___20___ minutes continuously.
5. Do not talk with raised voice/loudly at all.
6. Do not talk in very noisy surroundings/environment.
7. Do not shout/call out loudly to a person at a distance. Instead go close to him/her or attract attention in other ways.
8. Do not speak across floors.
9. Do not speak in a running car/motorcycle, especially if on the backseat.
10. Try not to laugh and sneeze too loudly.
11. Do not indulge in arguments/debates wherein you may need to raise your voice.
12. Do not expose yourself to chemical fumes, gas, pungent fumes in the kitchen, etc.
13. Do not smoke/consume alcohol. (If you have a habit).
14. Avoid talking over phones/mobiles for too long.
15. During meetings at office try to have a two-way communication to reduce communication strain on yourself.
16. Do not hide your problem from people at home or office. Rather discuss with others and seek their co-operation.
17. Do not keep your stomach empty for a long time. Will result in acidity, increasing your voice problems.

** Follow the above tips for effective voice quality and reduce the probability of Voice