Elfima Notepad - Free Text Editor...

Elfima Notepad is a free text editor to create PDF, SVG, XML, or XHTML documents. It can also edit existing PDF documents created with Elfima Notepad. It's the perfect tool to work on small PDF documents quickly and easily !

Elfima notepad doesn't have pre-requisites (as Adobe Acrobat) or particular configuration.

Sample Elfima Notepad Files

# Newsletter (PDF) (15 kB) # Simple Text (PDF) (1 kB) # Memorandum (PDF) (19 kB) # Memorandum (SVG) (3 kB) # Pub (PDF) (2 kB) # Pub (Animated SVG) (3 kB) # Bookmarks (PDF) (6 kB)

Elfima Notepad is free, however redistribution or commercialization is not authorized. If you have questions about Elfima Notepad please contact us.

Download and Details : http://www.elfima.com/enotepad.php