Windows Vista Soundscheme (updated)

Windows Vista Soundscheme (updated)

Updated: now contains 32 Vista sounds + fixed the .reg file.

The .reg file renames the Default Soundscheme to "Windows Vista" & modifies it with the Vista sounds filenames.
It will also set the Windows Vista soundscheme as the current & default one to be used.

download the file, the Media folder belongs in the Windows directory.
Add the .reg file to your general regtweaks.reg (runned @T12) file for uA install.

Note: the hkey_current_user will be tweaked, this only works for all users when applied during T13.

Possible errors:

I still get the original XP sounds!
SOLUTION: open your .theme file, remove the part containing the soundscheme.
You'll find your .theme file in the $OEM$\$$\Resources because you placed it there.
Make sure you do this for ALL themes you include on your CD.

All sounds work but I don't have Startup/Shutdown sound.
SOLUTION: this has nothing to do with the Vista Soundscheme/pack. You shouldn't remove Windows Beep with nLite.