Taggin' MP3 - make all of your MP3 and ID3 management a breeze...

This program is designed to make all of your MP3 and ID3 management a breeze! Currently supports the ID3v1.1 standard with ID3v2 coming soon!

Features in Taggin' MP3

* Programmed in C++ Builder 5.0.
* Supports the ID3 v1.1 and ID3 v2.3.0 standards.
* Automatic detection and notification of ID3 tags.
* Automatic importing of ID3 based on filename.
* Renaming of files using title, author, album, comment, year, genre, and track (in addition to other common fields).
* Global modification of ID3 tag field(s).
* Ability to ignore ID3 tags when batch renaming.
* File information, such as bitrate, length, file type, etc.
* And after all that, still FREEWARE!