Connection Meter 7.9.9 - Protect your computer against non-required connections to Internet...

Protect your computer against non-required connections to Internet

Connection Meter allows you to analyze what is happening on the phone line, ISDN, ADSL, WiFi, cable-TV or other connection.

All in all, this handy toolbox will help you manage every connection you have to the Internet.

At the development of program we lay stress on:
· universality, easy change of prices for connection
· independence on setting of computer and operating system
· the highest stability and uncostingness
· easy and tabular attendance, we don't want oppress user and his computer by unnecessary mambers
· ability of program to communicate in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish and Hungarian

The SE edition should only be used on permanent connections (WiFi, ADSL, cable, etc).

Here are some key features of "Connection Meter":

· connection speed and amount data transfer monitor
· program measured connection time
· Wlan, WiFi connections status and level monitoring
· includes SMS gateway for czech cellular networks
· includes safe storage and easy insert of passwords (in all browsers)
· generation passwords, their evaluation
· mail notification (also for Gmail)
· includes calendar with task reminder
· includes unit and currency converter
· protect connection with antidialer
· set system time according to timeserver
· CPU load monitor, battery status monitor, etc.