KCleaner - System -Cleaning Utility...

KCleaner is a free system-cleaning utility that offers automatic and manual modes, data scrambling, and multipass deletions. It targets temporary files, browser caches, installers, update caches, and unneeded log files, including the caches for a wide range of programs, including Google Earth, COMODO System Cleaner, AdAware, and TomTom.

KCleaner opens with the tiny interface that serves for automatic mode, and its settings dialog also opens, allowing us to set the interval for automatic cleanups, Expert mode, deletion methods, security settings, and select file types for cleanup from a lengthy list in the main view.

There's also a panel for selecting the interface language. We deselected file types that didn't apply to our system and selected those that do, set an interval of 3 hours, and clicked Save. In the meantime, we tried the Expert mode, which displays the files that will be deleted in an expanded view.

We clicked Analyse, and the program quickly populated its window with our system's trash. We reviewed the files and clicked Clean. In a minute or so, KCleaner had purged the selected files. We clicked Automatic mode, and after a warning message and a brief countdown, it scanned our system and cleaned the few temporary files that had appeared in the interval. Another timer counted down the hours, minutes, and seconds until the next operation.

KCleaner's automatic mode can help keep your system free of performance-hogging caches and temporary files, and its Expert mode lets you target specific files for cleanup whenever you like. It's well worth taking a look at.