CPU RightMark - CPU Overclock Software

The CPU RightMark (CPU RM) benchmark is meant for objective performance measurement of modern and future CPUs in various computational tasks such as physical process modelling and 3D graphics issue solving. The emphasis is placed on testing under the load of a CPU-RAM bundle and FPU/SIMD units.

What is pure performance?

When applications are tested to measure processor performance, test results are often affected by other subsystems such as video or storage. Sometimes operating system interaction with peripherals effects as well. That is why even if we compare identical systems on different processors it would be difficult to get just a comparative assessment of pure processor performance instead of general software/hardware performance.

The CPU RM benchmark eliminates influence of all subsystems, except for memory and CPU-RAM bus, at the expense of measuring performance of different test application parts, which operation time is not related to "external" task execution time. For example, video pages changeover and hard drive access. Only processor operating time is considered.

Download and Details : http://cpu.rightmark.org/download.shtml