PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910 PSU review

PC Power & Cooling is a company that has a long lasting name and reputation in the business of power supplies. Their reputation is based on a simple fact: they build high-quality power supplies that last.

They do not care about modability, sheer looks, cable management or bling fans. No Sir, PC Power & Cooling is all about the essence of a high quality power supply. Nothing more. So if we were to stereotype them with one word, then it has to be "quality".

Now, in the world of power supplies a lot has changed over the years. Everybody is selling the darn things and the funny thing is, there are probably less than ten real power supply manufacturers on this globe. Saturated is what this market is, but that's not exactly a negative thing though. The demand for power supplies versus the numerous brands available these days had a positive effect: seen overall, the quality of power supplies have become much much better. Next to that you got more options and features as well. Last but not least, a hip thing these days is of course the efficiency of the power supply.

PC Power and cooling creates the best of the best among power supplies, they however keep their design simple. No multiple 12 Volts rails, no Sir, it all comes from one single rail, apparently more robust and efficient. Cable management ? Ehm, no Sir, all cables are connected as modability would have an effect on overall efficiency here as well.

With a PC power and Cooling power supply, you go back to basics, yet with build quality that is unprecedented. Recently PC P&C released their new Silencer 910W model. A near kilowatt power supply with an efficiency that is bloody fantastic at roughly 88%. Anyone remember the dull grey power supplies from 3-4 years ago? these were ~70% efficient. So if you plan something really high-end that sucks up a lot of power, a PSU like shown today will actually help you save energy and thus reduce your energy bill.

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