Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search - GIMPS

GIMPS was featured recently on National Public Radio! Please join us in the search for new huge prime numbers -- just for the fun of it. Plus, your computer will appreciate being used to its full potential.

1. Register a new user account login (Optional).

Your account login is the "container" that holds your preferences, your computer and work assignments info, and your productivity statistics. There is no limit to the number of computers you can have in your account.

Optional, but required to check your account details, computer status and performance statistics and to assign computers to your user ID, and if you joined GIMPS before November 2008, to link your PrimeNet V4.0 account(s) and transfer your CPU work credit.

2. Download and install Prime95 or similar software onto your computer (or computers).

The How it Works page answers many questions you may have before downloading the software. Versions of the software program have been successfully used since 1996 on hundreds of thousands of home, office, school and business computers, but be sure to first get permission from the computer's owner if it's not yours! The software program uses only the leftover idle processor cycles unused by other programs.

3. Start the software program and enter your user account login (if you created one).

The program will automatically 'bind' itself to your user account when you enter your user account login into the program, and starts working immediately! You can see each computer added to your account using your Computer CPU Details page, as well as what it is working upon.

Link :