Memtest86 Version 3.5 Memory Diagnostic CD-ROM

Memtest86 Release 3.5 is now available

The 3.5 release includes:
  • Limited support for execution with multiple CPUs. CPUs are selected round-robin or sequential for each test.
  • Support for detection of additional chipsets. (from Memtest86+ v2.11).
  • Additions and corrections for CPU detection including reporting of L3 cache.
  • Reworked information display for better readability and new information.
  • Abbreviated iterations for first pass.
  • Enhancements to memory sizing.
  • Misc bug fixes.

A Memtest86 diagnostic CD-ROM is available from BradyTech Inc. The Memtest86 CD-ROM includes:
  • The latest version (3.5) of Memtest86 pre-installed and ready to use.
  • An experimental SMP version of Memtest86 that uses mutilple CPUs.
  • The previous (3.4) version of Memtest86.
  • A boot menu that allows users to select the above test programs.
  • An extensive user guide with simple step-by-step instructions for using Memtest86 to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems.
  • Detailed instructions for using Memtest86 to safely over-clock your PC.
Download and Details :


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