InterMapper 5.3.2 - View Traffic Flows..

A software application that performs network monitoring and alerting actions

Inter Mapper's active maps give a visual, real-time view of traffic flows through and between critical network devices and links. It also queries your servers to let you know when you have problems even before your customers call.

You'll be up and running in just a couple hours, viewing the state of your network and responding to problems as they occur. Inter Mapper can even locate problems that have eluded other monitoring tools within the first few minutes of use.

Inter Mapper uses SNMP to provide utilization statistics to help you optimize performance, as well displaying error, traffic and outage information so you can be aware of trouble spots.

Here are some key features of "InterMapper":
Intuitive Graphic User Interface:
· Customizable maps provide real-time views of traffic flows to highlight trouble spots and outages clearly.

Detailed traffic and network information:
· InterMapper queries routers, switches, and hubs using SNMP to receive and display critical data about traffic, utilization and errors.
Monitor key servers:
· In addition to network traffic flows, InterMapper monitors web, mail, directory, and dozens of other types of services. Use the built-in probes, write your own TCP or SNMP-based probes, or Nagios or Big Brother programs.
Historical Strip charts:
· InterMapper provides a historical view of various data. You can easily create strip charts to show how different traffic, utilization, error rates, etc. have changed over time.

Remote viewing and control:
· View your maps using a standard web browser, or view and configure maps from the built-in console or using the separate InterMapper Remote program.
· InterMapper now includes the ability to view the state of another map through an icon on the main map, and lets you drill down to see the details of the sub-map.


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