Largest Android Phone in the World - "42-Inch Nexus S"

A few days ago, we saw the world biggest iPhone in a London railway station. Now it’s time to watch the biggest Android device on planet. This big device is actually the Nexus S, and it doesn’t consist of any tablets like the giant iPhone. If you want to see the big Nexus S, then visit the Best Buy down in San Carlos, California, and don’t think that you can carry it in your pocket, because the size of this Nexus S is 42 Inches.

No, this phone isn’t on sale, but it’s actually a promotional phone that has been set up in a Best Buy store located in the small city of San Carlos, California, which is about 20 miles due south of San Francisco. The Google phone has a functional 42-inch touchscreen display, Internet connectivity and also a working camera. This phone actually works and its functionality can be attributed to a special Nexus S phone to which it is connected through a special video out connection.

The phone has been designed to draw customer attention and from the sounds of it, it would appear that it is working, drawing in customers like a moth to a flame. Google representatives have said this is only a test at this time. They want to gauge the customer phone interaction and also ensure that there is no physical damage to the phone, specifically the big screen but if the test is successful, we should see more big screen Google phones make their way into other Best Buy locations, which is at this time the only retailer to sell the Nexus S.