Active Directory Installation Wizard The tool that is used to install and remove

Active Directory Installation Wizard The tool that is used to install and remove
Active Directory. The actual name of the command that starts the wizard is
Dcpromo.exe. See also Dcpromo.exe.
Active Directory–integrated zone A primary Domain Name System (DNS) zone
that is stored in Active Directory so that it can use multimaster replication and
Active Directory security features.
Active Directory quota For domain controllers running Microsoft Windows Server
2003, a feature that determines the number of objects that can be owned in a
given directory partition by a security principal. Quotas can help prevent the
denial of service that can occur if a security principal accidentally, or intentionally,
creates objects until the affected domain controller runs out of storage space.
Active Directory Schema snap-in An administrative tool that allows you to view
and modify the Active Directory schema. You must install the Active Directory
Schema console by using the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools
on the Windows Server 2003 compact disc. On a domain controller, to install the
Active Directory Schema console, you simply register the Schmmgmt.dll file.
Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) A Component Object Model (COM)–
based directory service model that allows ADSI-compliant client applications to
access a wide variety of distinct directory protocols, including Windows Directory
Services and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), while using a single,
standard set of interfaces. ADSI shields the client application from the implementation
and operational details of the underlying data store or protocol.
Active Directory Sites And Services console An administrative tool that contains
information about the physical structure of a network. Active Directory uses this
information to determine how to replicate directory information and handle service
Active Directory Users And Computers console An administrative tool designed
to perform day-to-day Active Directory administration tasks. These tasks include
creating, deleting, modifying, moving, and setting permissions on objects stored in
the directory. These objects include organizational units (OUs), users, contacts,
groups, computers, printers, and shared file objects.
ADSI See Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI).
alert A function that detects when a predefined counter value rises above or falls
below the configured threshold and notifies a user by means of the Messenger