Mac OS X 10.4 Help

Connecting to the Internet using AirPort

If you have an AirPort card in your computer, you can connect to the Internet
wirelessly by joining an AirPort or other wireless network that's connected to
the Internet.
If the network you are joining is protected by a password you will need to
enter it before you can join the network.
If the AirPort Base Station is set up to use a dial-up or PPP connection to the
Internet, it will connect automatically when you open an application that
requires a connection.

To connect to the Internet if the base station is not configured
to connect automatically:

1. Open Internet Connect and click the AirPort icon in the toolbar.
2. Choose the network from the Network pop-up menu. If you are
prompted for a password enter it. If the network you want to
join is not in the list, choose Other and enter the network name
and password.
3. Click Connect.

If the base station on your AirPort network has a continuous connection to the
Internet, you are already connected when you join the network.
For help setting up an AirPort base station to connect to the Internet, use the
AirPort Setup Assistant, located in Applications/Utilities. Click the link below for
more information on using AirPort.


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