Microsoft Exchange Server Alternative

Low-cost, alternative to Microsoft Exchange hosting.

HyperOffice continues to be the preferred choice for a Microsoft Exchange server alternative. Our easy to use, affordable hosting solution provides you with the features you need to conduct business with a convenient, secure, and flexible environment that requires no IT maintenance. And best of all, you can keep using Outlook and share Outlook calendars, contacts, email, tasks, documents, and more without needing Microsoft Exchange. Compare HyperOffice to Microsoft Exchange with a Total Cost of Ownership analysis.


* The need to share & synchronize Outlook and share calendars, documents, contacts without installing, maintaining and supporting Microsoft Exchange.

* The need for a hosted collaboration and communication infrastructure—accessible anytime, anywhere and from any computer.

* The need for a low cost hosted Exchange alternative without a large upfront financial commitment and ongoing maintenance costs.

* The need to predict and control costs as operations scale up or down without any anxiety over Microsoft Exchange upgrade cycles, outdated servers, or expensive IT consultants.


* Use HyperOffice as a low-cost, no maintenance Exchange server hosting alternative. Continue to use Outlook with the ability to Share Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks without expensive servers.

* For approximately $7.00 per month your company will have access to the same technology that, until now, was only available for large enterprises — cutting-edge collaboration tools, online backup and file storage, spam and virus-free email—no servers, software or IT professionals required.

* Access email anywhere with Web based email with 24/7 virus protection and spam control; share & synchronize Outlook company-wide calendars, tasks, and documents. Share company-wide contacts via online address books.