Kingsoft Office 2009 an alternative to Microsoft Office with native PDF export

Kingsoft Office 2009 includes three alternative Microsoft Office compatible applications: a word processor (Micrsoft Word), spreasheet editor (Microsoft Excel) and presentation creation utility (Microsoft PowerPoint). Kingsoft Office includes native PDF export support and does not require any third-party add-ons to create PDF output from any of the three applications. PDF bookmarks, table of contents (TOC) and permissions (encryption) are supported.

Document compatibility

This integrated solution for creating, editing and viewing documents, spreadsheets and presentations uses the same document format as Microsoft® Office (2000/XP/2003).

Even the latest Microsoft Office 2007 documents (.DOCX) and spreadsheet (.XLSX) can be opened in Kingsoft Office 2009.

Export to Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Format) directly from any application. Convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into this widely accepted format for quick and easy online distribution.
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