Home Cinema - Surround Sound system, LX Series Blu-ray Disc Home Cinema System

Bring pure cinema home – with your choice of speaker systems.

See and hear every detail of what you’re watching – and choose the speaker system that best suits your taste. The LX08BD comes with a choice of 4 diverse speaker sets, each with their own distinctive design and ideally matched to deliver a responsive, pristine entertainment experience.

The LX08BD features native 1080p resolution, the same cinematic picture quality of our KURO flat screen TVs. It plays films at 24 frames per second, master quality that is absolutely true to the original, just as the director intended.

Open to the latest audio formats such as DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD on the Blu-ray player, the LX08BD set ensures that what you hear is ‘lossless’, studio-quality sound.

Surround Modes

• 8 advanced surround modes
• 3 modes for surround sources (Auto, Standard, Stereo Downmix, Auto Level Control)
• 6 modes for stereo surround sources (Auto, Dolby Prologic, Dolby Prologic II Movie, Music and Game, Neo:6 Cinema/Music, Stereo, Auto Level Control)

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vincentgerald said...

That's a very good collection, they all look very much integrated.Definitely should be included in all Home Cinema .