MapQuest - Toolbar for Your Browser

Easy access to a map of your desired location.

Easily get point-to-point directions right from your web browser.

Gas Prices
Get real-time gas prices on your web browser by typing in your city or ZIP code, and selecting your fuel type.

Find events, local reviews, news, movie showtimes, weather, and much more in the city you choose. Get local information to make the most of what's going on in your area or where you're going!

Find Me :

The Find Me Feature is a button on the Toolbar that when selected gives you the opportunity to click Find Me to map your approximate location on the MapQuest map.


* To get the most accurate results, you need to turn your wireless functionality for your computer on prior to using the Find Me feature.

* The results that you get back from the Find Me feature could be 3-5 blocks off or more even under the best circumstances.

* The MapQuest Find Me feature will use your IP address if we can not find you through your wireless connection, this may result in less accurate location determination. (Your ISP may use an IP address registered in New Jersey even though you are located in California.)

* In certain circumstances, your IP may not resolve a location. In this case, you will receive an error message.
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