Zoho Chat 2.0 - New Chat Platform Introduced..

Zoho, the web office company that competes with Google's online tools (and does so quite well), has introduced a new feature to their online suite of productivity applications: Zoho Chat 2.0. Built atop the original Zoho Chat platform, this iteration now integrates all the major instant messaging networks. But a multi-protocol IM client is not the big news - it's the fact that Zoho Chat 2.0 is integrated within the majority of the company's applications to allow for real-time collaboration with colleagues.

In Zoho Chat 2.0, you now have the ability to connect with others - both Zoho users and not - on IM networks like Yahoo!, Google Chat, MSN/Windows Live, AIM, ICQ, and any network that supports Jabber. The chat application itself can be launched from within nearly every Zoho online application with the exception of Creator, Share, Invoice, and Database & Reports. But when you look at the list of apps, you can see there are far more that have chat than those that don't. The particular apps that lack this feature are also not generally the types of programs where much collaboration is needed...if any at all.

Download and Details : http://chat.zoho.com/login.jsp?serviceurl=%2Fmpchat.do