Weaverslave - Web Page Editor

Weaverslave is the English word-by-word translation of Weberknecht, a species of spider. It's called "Daddy-long-leg", too. The Weberknecht has a small body with very long legs and didn´t build a web. It's speedy und independent.

Get a small, flexible Editor is the objective by the development of the Weaverslave. The program is very configurable and can be extended with plugins.

Here will be no Weaverslave 3, the prior versions are called HTMLPad. I´ve changed the name, why it is used to often - six times. A second reason were the new features. The Weaverslave 4 isn't a HTML-only editor.

Downloads and Details : http://www.weaverslave.ws/weaverslave.31.html