MS XML Installation Hangs - Tips

MSXML installation hangs

If Dial-a-fix seems to "hang" (or sits idle indefinitely) when installing either Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 or 4.0, it is somewhat normal, and can be easily remedied. In most cases, this is a Microsoft Installer (MSI) bug rather than a Dial-a-fix problem.

1. In Dial-a-fix, click the red X so that all checkboxes become unchecked. Dial-a-fix is not locked up, but is merely waiting for a response from the XML parser installation package.

2. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up Task Manager (2000/XP) or the Close Program dialog (98/Me).

3. Highlight MSIEXEC.EXE on the Processes tab (2000/XP) or select the file name of the XML parser currently being installed (98/Me).

4. Click End Process (2000/XP) or End Task (98/Me).

5. Dial-a-fix will recover and continue.

6. Checkmark the XML parser(s) you were unable to install before. Checkmark "Debug". Click GO. This will allow you to manually install the XML parser(s) and it will either successfully install, or you will be able to at least receive an error message that will allow you to understand why it hung in the first place.

If you continue to have issues with the installation of the XML parsers, contact the Dial-a-fix email address for further support. Alternatively, close Dial-a-fix, open the folder where you have stored Dial-a-fix full, and double click on the XML parser(s) that you w
ere unable to install.