Problem in your Mails - Here some Resolution...

Problem - I can't open some of my email attachments

* Opened in wrong application program
* Created in a different coding scheme
* After double clicking on the attachment, drop down menu appears asking what program to use to open the attachment.

Solution -

* Try opening the attachment as a different application. To do this, rename the attachment using the appropriate ending (doc, ppt, jpg, etc.)
* Choose Notepad or WordPad from the list on the drop down menu and see if one of those programs will open your attachment.
* Ask sender to note in the body of the email what application was used.
* If all else fails, ask sender to include attached information in body of email message.

Problem - My Email won't work

* Email program has not been configured to communicate with network and/or modem
* Using the wrong e-mail program - set up in another program
* Using wrong user name or password (both are case sensitive).
* Message is in outbox and cannot be sent because address is incorrect.

Solution -

* Make sure email program is configured correctly
* Make sure you are in the email program that was set up to receive and send your email.
* Make sure user name, password, and/or the correct case (upper or lower) has been used.
* Remove any messages that are still in your out box after email has been sent.